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Welcome to the History Archive, here we feature all sorts of public domain and primary source documents from all throughout history. We believe it is important to create a massive digital archive of real historical paintings, illustrations, documents and all sorts of other pieces in order to be able to easily access it for research or curiosity.

From ancient history, to pirates, to the mafia, to the American Revolution this website features documents from all throughout history. Done in collaboration with sites like Wikipedia and Project Gutenberg, this website serves as the bedrock for many historical websites throughout the internet.

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We are constantly adding new content as we build historical websites so keep checking back. Our ultimate goal is to compile all of the relevant documents related to the most interesting periods of history into one easy to access and reference database.

There are scattered elements throughout the web but not one single website combines historical art, graphics, books, documents and references like we plan to. Some of the websites that build upon the History Archive are featured below. These great websites are a wiki style guide to each time period that you can easily jump around and explore.

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