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Pirate Codes

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Every pirate code was unique and was crafted by the pirates who sailed on the ship. It is important to realize how useful these are for history because we only have a few of them. Most pirates would destroy the articles the first chance they got as they would be used against them at trial.

However, some pirates were captured with the articles still intact and this led them to be preserved for history. You can read each pirates code here.

Henry Morgan's Pirate Code

See Henry Morgan's Pirate Code

Bartholomew Roberts Pirate Code

See Bartholomew Roberts Pirate Code

Captain Kidd's Articles of Agreement

See Captain Kidd's Articles of Agreement

Edward Low's Pirate Code

See Edward Low's Pirate Code

John Phillip's Pirate Code

See John Phillip's Pirate Code

John Gow's Pirate Code

See John Gow's Pirate Code

Pirate Codes

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