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Eugene von Guerard

Born: 1811

Died: 1901

Jean Eugene von Guerard (17 November 1811 - 17 April 1901) was the son of the Court Painter to the Emperor Francis I. of Austria and went to Italy with his father at an early age. Under his supervision studied the old Italian masters. After a period of residence at Dusseldorf, he came to Australia in 1853 to try his luck on the goldfields of Victoria. The venture proved unsuccessful, but he soon realised there were opportunities to pursue a career as an artist in Australia.

He painted numerous Australian and New Zealand landscapes. He started undertaking commissions recording the houses and properties of wealthy pastoralists, and his reputation grew. In 1866 his picture of Mount Kosciusko was purchased for the Public Gallery of Victoria. In 1870, he became the very first Master of the School of Painting at the National Gallery of Victoria.


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