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Marius Fontane

Born: 1838

Died: 1914

Marius Fontane (1838-1914) was a French author, historian, orientalist and member of the Geographical society. He was born 4 September 1838 in Marseilles and was the General Secretary of the universal Suez Canal shipping company led by Ferdinand de Lesseps in 1854. The company was compromised in the Panama scandal and he was arrested on December 16, 1892 and later sentenced in court to five years in prison for fraud and breach of trust, and being the Foundation of the Seine, to two years in prison and 3,000 francs in fines for corruption. He had for lawyer Henry of the Buit.

Voyage pittoresque a travers l'isthme de Suez, editeur Dupont et Lachaud, 1870

Les Barbares, ditions Alphonse Lemerre, Paris, 1897

Histoire universelle, ditions Alphonse Lemerre, Paris, dition en 14 volumes (inacheve, la publication s'arrte avec La Renaissance), 1881 a 1910 :