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Views of Calcutta and its Environs


Date: 1848



This work focuses on 30 images of early 19th century Calcutta and its environs painted by Sir Charles D'Oyly, one of the most accomplished artists of 19th century British India. Sir Charles was not a professional artist. He was not trained in London or elsewhere in the U.K.

Born in 1781 in Murshidabad, (the capital of Bengal Subah till 1757), he accompanied his family to the U.K. for formal education there and returned to Calcutta in 1808 only to serve the East India Company in various capacities till his retirement in 1833.

He served as Senior Member of the Board of Customs, Salt, Opium and the Marine. He always inevitably managed to hold enviable positions. Collector of Dacca (1808-12), Collector of Customs in Calcutta (1813-21), the Opium Agent and the Commercial Resident of Patna (1821-31).

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In the course of his long stay in Calcutta, Dacca, Patna and Calcutta, his artistic skill was refined over the years in the company of his mentor George Chinnery as well as his second wife Elizabeth Jane Ross (herself, a painter) and several local artists with whom he worked over these years. The initial amateurish gaucheness disappeared very quickly. His artwork, seen as void of picturesque traits, received both recognition and audience.

He was soon considered to be one of the finest liners of his time. Images produced in the Antiquities of Dacca (1817), the Bahar Amateur Lithographic Scrap (1829), Views of Calcutta & Environs (1848), Sketches of a New Road in a Journey from Calcutta to Gyah (1860) and the burlesque poem "Tom Raw, the Griffin" are illustrative of his artistic skill, his sensibilities and his perceptions of the locality symptomatic of the European gaze.

Hand-colored lithograph title and 25 hand-colored lithograph plates, 2 plates with 2 views.


Abbey Travel 497; Tooley 187; Bobins I 234.

List of Images

1. Front Cover

2. Title Page

3. Chowrihghee Road from No XI Esplanade

4. Hindoo Temple near the Strand Road

5. Esplanade

6. Hindoo Mut in the Chitpore Bazaar

7. Statue of the Marquis of Hastings in Tank Square

8. View of Part of Chowringhee

9. Suspension Bridge at Alipore over Tolly's Nulla

10. The Bishop's College

11. The Mahommedan College

12. View in the Village of Sheebpore

13. Menagerie at Baruckpore Park

14. Entrance to Baruckpore Park

15. St. Paul's Cathedral, Calcutta

16. Calcutta from the Old Course

17. View in the Serampore Road

18. View in Clive Street

19. General View of Calcutta, from the entrance to the Water Gate of Fort William

20. Office of the Sudder Boardof Revenue from Kyd Street

21. Mosque at Borranypore

22. Church Entrance to the Dhurumtolla

23. Banyan Tree

24. Town and Port of Calcutta

25. Custom House Wharf

26. Garden Reach

27. View near the Circular Road

28. Government House from St Andrews Library

29. Procession of the Churruckpooja

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Publisher: London : Dickinsion & Co.



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