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Views of Florida


Date: 1837



Lithographs of events in the Second Seminole War in Florida (1835-1842).

Text-only cover title and set of 8 hand-colored lithographs.

Issued by T.F. Gray and James of Charleston, S.C., in 1837."


Library of Congress; State Library and Archives of Florida

List of Images

1. Cover Title Page

2. Camp Volusia or Fort Barnwell on the St. John E.F.

3. An Indian Town, Residence of a Chief

4. Soldiers in Camp Outside the Fortified Houses, Picolata, Florida

5. Arrival of the So. Ca. Dragoons at the Withlacooche

South Carolina soldiers along the Withlacoochee River during the 2nd Seminole War, with some on horseback in river by ruins of bridge.

6. Tampa Bay on the Gulf of Mexico

View of barracks and tents at Fort Brooke during the Seminole War in Florida in 1835.

7. Attack of the Seminoles on the Block House

8. Troops Fording Lake Ocklawaha

9. Burning of the Town Pilak-li-ka-ha by Gen. Eustis

Publication Information

Publisher: Charleston, S.C. : T.F. Gray and James, 1837



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Library of Congress

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