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A Narrative of the Mission Sent by the Governor-General of India to the Court of Ava in 1855, with Notices of the Country, Government, and People


Date: 1858



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Yule, Henry. A Narrative of the Mission to the Court of Ava. London : Smith, Elder and Co.. 1858.


Yule, Henry (1858) A Narrative of the Mission to the Court of Ava. London : Smith, Elder and Co..


Yule, Henry, A Narrative of the Mission to the Court of Ava. London : Smith, Elder and Co.. 1858.


In December 1852, at the conclusion of the second Anglo-Burmese War, the British annexed the southern and coastal regions of Burma (known as Lower Burma).

Pagan Min, and later his brother Mindon Min, continued to rule Upper Burma. In 1855, Arthur Phayre, the British commissioner for the annexed territories, visited the court of Ava in Upper Burma as part of an effort to improve relations with Mindon.

Henry Yule was secretary to Phayre and accompanied him on the mission. This work, written by Yule, is a modified version of the mission's report, based on Phayre's journals and Yule's own observations and impressions.

The work includes detailed maps and drawings, and remains an extraordinarily valuable source for the study of the history, geography, arts, religion, and culture of Burma. A long chapter is devoted to the ruins of the ancient city of Bagan (then known as Pagan) and its temples, as they were found by the mission in 1855.

391 pages : illustrations, maps ; 30 centimeters

List of Images

1. Title Page

2. The King

3. The Burmese Drama

4. View of the Oil Wells at Yenangyoung

5. Elevation of the Ananda Temple at Pagan

6. Section of the Ananda Temple at Pagan

7. Elevation of Thapinyu Temple at Pagan

8. Section of Thapinyu Temple at Pagan

9. Ground Plan of Three Temples at Pagan

10. N.E. View of Guadapalen Temple at Pagan

11. Architectural Details of Remains at Pagan

12. View of Part of the Small Temple called Sem-Bvo-Koo at Pagan

13. S.E. View of Dhamayangyee Temple at Pagan

14. Waterpots for the Travellers Refreshment, a Burmese Charity

15. Horse and Foot Soldiers with Dragon Temple in the Background

16. The Audience Hall amd Reception of the Envoy

17. The Hairy Woman

18. The Palace at Amarapoor with the White Elephant

19. Colossal Guatama

20. Carved Work of One of the Royal Monasteries

21. Specimens of Humourous Bas-Reliefs on the Pavement of a Monastery at Amarapoora

22. Map showing relative positions of Amarapoor, Tsagain and Ava from a Survey by Major Grant Allan

23. View of the Great Pagoda at Mengoon as Shattered by the Earthquake of 1839

24. View of the Myit-Nge or Little River and part of the Valley of the Irawadee from the Mountain called Mya Liet

25. [King List]

26. Heads of Burmese Notables

27. An Attempt to Represent the Historical Geography of the Burmese Countries at Several Epochs

28. Portraits of Two Talain Young Ladies Daughters of the Native Judge of Prome

29. View of the Shwe Dagon or Great Pagoda of Rangoon

30. Plan of the Irawadee River from Amarapura to Tsampenago

31. This New Map of Burma and the Regions Adjacent is Inscribed to Sir Roderick I. Murchison

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Publisher: London : Smith, Elder and Co.




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