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Account of a voyage of discovery to the west coast of Corea, and the great Loo-Choo island : with an appendix, containing charts, and various hydrographical and scientific notices


Date: 1818




In 1816 Captain Basil Hall was dispatched on an embassy to China. After the diplomatic party landed in Canton, the ships embarked on an exploration of the East China and Yellow Seas and the west coast of Korea and Loo-Choo Island (Ryukyu). This area was little-known to Europeans and Hall found the "celebrated map of the Jesuits" inaccurate with respect to Korea. Hall's diary describes the appearance of the indigenous people, their language and culture, and geographic observations with scientific charts of the coasts.

An important early work on Korea and the adjacent islands, including Okinawa. Includes a "Vocabulary of the Loo-Choo Island" compiled by Herbert John Clifford. "This expedition took Lord Amherst's embassy to China and explored the relatively little-known East China Sea and Yellow Sea. Visits were made to Korea and the Ryukyu Archipelago." - Hill I, p. 139.

4to. (10.9 x 8.9 inches). xvi, 222, 130, 72pp of vocabulary and sentences etc. Illustrated with 5 maps and charts (2 folding), 8 hand-colored aquatints, 1 aquatint (uncolored), and 1 engraved plate.


  • 1. Sulphur Island (frontispiece)
  • 2. Corean Chief and his Secretary.
  • 3. Napakiang.
  • 4. Loo Choo Chief and his Two Sons.
  • 5. Priest and Gentleman of Loo Choo.
  • 6. The Prince of Loo Choo.
  • 7. Scene after the Prince of Loo Choo's Feast.
  • 8. Gentleman of Loo Choo in his Cloak.


Abbey Travel 558; Hill 749; Howgego 1800-1850: H3. Bobins I 289; Tooley 241.

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Publisher: London : John Murray



Pages: 484


University of Pittsburgh


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Date Added: 2019-04-04

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