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Algeria and Tunis, painted & described, by Frances E. Nesbitt.


Date: 1906



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Algeria and Tunis, Painted and Described. London : A. & C. Black. 1906.


(1906) Algeria and Tunis, Painted and Described. London : A. & C. Black.


Algeria and Tunis, Painted and Described. London : A. & C. Black. 1906.


Illustrations in this volume engraved and printed in England by the Hentschel colourtype, limited.

Plates protected by guard sheets with descriptive letterpress.

viii, 228 p. 70 col. pl. (incl. front.) fold. map. 23cm.

List of Images

1. Front Cover

2. Title Page

3. Mosque of Sidi Ben Ziad, Tunis - the Auction Day

4. The Penon, Algiers

5. An Old Street, Algiers

6. The Carpet School, Algiers

7. Mosque of Sidi Abder Rahman, Algiers

8. The Leopard Door, Algiers

9. Algiers from the Jardin d'Essai

10. View from Mustapha, Algiers

11. On my Balcony, Algiers

12. Bougainvillaea, Algiers

13. The Garden Court of an Old Moorish Villa, Algiers

14. Friday at the Cemetery, Algiers

15. Koubba of Sidi Noumann, Bouzareah

16. Stone Pines, Algiers

17. The Red Aloes

18. The Gates of the Desert

19. Spinning

20. The Red Village, El Kantara

21. On the Edge of the Desert

22. Carding Wool

23. In the heart of an Oasis

24. In the Market-Place, Biskra

25. Evening on the Sahara

26. Sunset

27. The Fruit Market, Biskra

28. The Story-Teller

29. A Village Street, Biskra

30. A River of the Sahara

31. A Biskra Woman

32. A Nomad Camp

33. A Caravan on the Sahara

34. The Begging Marabout

35. The Palm Village

36. A Mozabite Fantasia

37. Street of the Dancing Girls, Biskra

38. The Arch of Trajan, Timgad

39. The Forum, Timgad

40. Market Day, Timgad

41. Gorge of the Roumel, Constantine

42. A Game of Draughts

43. The Silent Waterfall, Hammam Meskoutine

44. The Arab Wedding, Hammam Meskoutine

45. Temple of Celestis, Dougga

46. Tunis

47. Souk des Etoffes, Tunis

48. Souk el Attarin, Tunis

49. Souk el Trouk, Tunis

50. Souk el Belat, Tunis

51. Tunis from the Belvedere

52. A Street of Arches, Tunis

53. The Zaouia of the Rue Tourbet el Bey, Tunis

54. Souk el Hout, Tunis

55. Rue Tourbet el Bey, Tunis

56. Rag Fair

57. The Fritter Shop, Tunis

58. Unlading Wood

59. The Ancient Ports of Carthage

60. The Old Punic Cisterns, Carthage

61. The Carthage Aqueduct

62. The Site of Carthage from Sidi Bou Said

63. Sousse

64. The Basket-Makers, Sousse

65. The Roman Amphitheatre, El Djem

66. Evening, Kairouan

67. La Grande Rue, Kairouan

68. Carpet-Making

69. Mosque of Sidi Okba, Kairouan

70. Moorish Gateway, Kairouan

71. The Mosque of the Three Doors, Kairouan

72. A Desert Afterglow

73. Sketch Map of Algeria and Tunis

74. Back Cover

Publication Information

Publisher: London : A. & C. Black




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