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Athletic sports in America, England and Australia .... Also including the famous Around the World tour of American baseball teams


Date: 1889




The intent of this ambitious book, in which the histories of such sports as tennis, lacrosse, polo, football, aquatics, rowing, cricket, and cycling are chronicled, is as "a significant tribute to the American public's amazing growth as an intelligent, generous and enthusiastic promoter of athletic sports" (Preface).

The book's most distinguishing feature, however, is the over 400 pages devoted to the origin and history of baseball. Specifically, Harry Palmer records in detail the amazing world tour of the 1888-1890 Chicago Baseball Club and the All-American team, even recounting Mark Twain's remarks at the banquet honoring the return of the renowned players.

In addition to his extensive comments on baseball are the works of the best known writers on tennis, cricket, and other sports, including a 24-page section on lacrosse.

First edition of this comprehensive survey of the sports of England, Australia and America, richly illustrated with four chromolithographic plates, 39 photographic plates, and numerous in-text illustrations.


Grobani 25-2. Not in Smith.

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Publisher: Philadelphia : Hubbard Brothers



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