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Atlas sive Cosmographicae meditationes de fabrica mvndi et fabricati figvra.


Date: 1595



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Mercator, Gerard. Atlas sive Cosmographicae. Dvisbvrgi Clivorvm [1595]. 1595.


Mercator, Gerard (1595) Atlas sive Cosmographicae. Dvisbvrgi Clivorvm [1595].


Mercator, Gerard, Atlas sive Cosmographicae. Dvisbvrgi Clivorvm [1595]. 1595.


A rare first complete edition of the first truly modern scientific atlas. Gerard Mercator was the most influential geographer since Ptolemy. In 1569 he invented a new method of projection and his principles have only had to be abandoned after several centuries of use. The title of this edition shows the first use of the name Atlas for a collection of maps.

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Parts II-VI had been published separately between 1585 and 1595. The first part, originally published in 1585, is composed of three fascicles, each with a special t. p.: Galliae tabule geographicae ; Belgii Inferioris geographicae tabule ; Germaniae tabule geographicae. The second part, originally published in 1589, has special title page of .: Italiae, Sclavoniae, et Graeciae tabule geographice.The third part, under whose title the work is published, precedes the first and second parts. Left unfinished by the author, it was completed, and the whole work edited and published by his son, Rumold Mercator, in 1595.

Bound in contemporary brown calf binding stamped in blind, with one border and some vignettes in gilt. The letters T. D. N. G. M. S. appear in gilt on front cover, and the date in gilt, on the back of the book.

Medium: 3 pts. in 1 v. port., 107 col. maps (part fold.) 45 cm.

Library of Congress Call Number/Physical Location: G1007 .A7 1595

Large 2o (407 x 277 mm). 6 parts in one volume. Part I: \Kp\k2 (engraved architectural and emblematic title, letterpress dedication to Wilhelm and Johann Wilhelm, Dukes of Julich, 2v in first state before the author's portrait but with the verse caption by Bernard Furmer) +4 \Kc\k2 (biography and epitaphs of the author, letters and verse in praise of the atlas, errata); a-d4 (text); part II: e2 (2+1) (engraved architectural and emblematic title Atlantis Pars altera. Geographia nova Totius Mundi, letterpress dedication to Queen Elizabeth and address to the reader), A-E2 (engraved maps of the world and the four continents), I-XIX2 (maps of the North Pole, Iceland, Scotland, Ireland, England, Norway and Sweden), \Kc\k1 (dedication to Heinrich Rantzau) XXa2 (description of Denmark), XXb-XXIX2 (maps of Denmark, Prussia, Russia, the Baltic countries, Transylvania and Ukraine), [XX4] (letterpress index and colophon); part III: +6 (engraved title of Renaissance ornament Galliae tabulae geographicae, letterpress preliminaries), a-d2 e1 f-q2 (maps of France and Switzerland), **2 (index); part IV: +4 (engraved title Belgii inferioris Geographicae tabulae, letterpress preliminaries, 4 blank), r-z & et2 (maps of the Low Countries and Luxemburg), +2 (index, misbound after the title-leaf in part VI); part V: ++4 (engraved title Germaniae tabulae geographicae, letterpress preliminaries, 4 blank), A-F2 Fij2 G-Q2 Qij2 R-Z AA2 (maps of Germany, Bohemia, Moravia, Austria, Poland and Hungary), +++4 (index); part VI: \Kp\k2 (engraved title Italiae, Sclavoniae, et Graeciae tabulae geographicae, letterpress dedication to Ferdinando de' Medici), 1-222 (maps of Italy, the Balkans and Greece), a-c2 (index). A TOTAL OF 107 COPPERPLATE MAPS, all but one (counties of Boulogne and Guines) double-page on full sheets, many with letterpress text on the reverse, the world-map with text on the obverse. Woodcut initials and typographical ornaments. Contemporary vellum over pasteboard, with overlapping edges, double blind fillet on sides, later ties.

Provenance: Johann Ducker (17th-century inscription); Heinrich Stinnes of Cologne (purchased from Julius Halle in Munich); bought at Christie's New York, 11 June 1982, lot 264. (Christies)


J. Keuning, "The History of an Atlas", in Imago Mundi IV (1947) pp. 37-43; PMM 100; World Encompassed 134.

Library of Congress. Lessing J. Rosenwald collection, 730

Phillips 5918, 5919

List of Images

1. Front Cover

2. Spine

3. Frontispiece Title Page

4. [Portrait of Gerard Mercator]

5. Atlantis pars Altera Geographia Nova Toius Mundi

6. Orbis terræ

7. Europa

8. Africa

9. Asia

10. America

11. Septentrionalium Terrarum descriptio (Polus Articus)

12. Islandia

13. Brittanicæ Insula, Anglia, Scotia & Hibernia

14. Scotia [I]

15. Scotia [II]

16. Scotia [III]

17. Hibernia [I]

18. Hibernia [II]

19. Hibernia [III]

20. Hibernia [IV]

21. Hibernia [V]

22. Anglia [I]

23. Anglia [II]

24. Anglia [III]

25. Anglia [IV]

26. Anglia [V]

27. Anglia [VI]

28. Anglia [VII]

29. Norwegia & Suecia

30. Daniæ regni [I]

31. Daniæ regni [II]

32. Daniæ regni [III]

33. Daniæ regni [IV]

34. Prussia

35. Livonia

36. Russia

37. Lithuania

38. Transsylvania

39. Taurica

40. Galliae tabule Geographicae

41. Gallia

42. Britannia, Normandia

43. Aquitania, Arelatense

44. Francia, Picardia

45. Boulongne

46. Anjou

47. Berry

48. Poictov

49. Lotharingia [I]

50. Lotharingia [II]

51. Burgundia [I]

52. Burgundia [II]

53. Helvetia

54. Zurichgow

55. Wiflispurgergow

56. Arrow

57. Belgii inferioris tabule Geographicae

58. Belgii inferioris

59. Flandria

60. Brabantia, Gulice et Cleve

61. Hollandia

62. Zeelandt

63. Geldria

64. Artesia

65. Hannonia

66. Lutzenburg

67. Germania Tabule Geographicae

68. Germania

69. Frisia Occidentalis

70. Embden & Oldenborch

71. Westfalia [I]

72. Westfalia [II]

73. Westfalia [III]

74. Waldeck

75. Palatinatus Rheni

76. Wirtenberg

77. Alsatia inferior

78. Alsatia superior

79. Saxonia inferior

80. Brunswyck

81. Hassia

82. Thuringia

83. Franconia

84. Bavaria

85. Palatinatus superior

86. Saxonia superior

87. Brandenburg

88. Bohemia

89. Moravia

90. Austria

91. Salzburg

92. Polonia

93. Hungaria

94. Italiæ, Sclavoniæ, et Græciæ

95. Italia

96. Lombardia [I]

97. Lombardia [II]

98. Lombardia [III]

99. Lombardia [IV]

100. Brescia et Mediolanum

101. Veronæ principatus, Vicentiæ, et Patavii

102. Friuli et Istria

103. Thuscia

104. Anconitana

105. Campagna di Roma

106. Abbruzzo

107. Puglia Piana

108. Corsica, Sardinia

109. Sicilia

110. Stiria

111. Sclavonia, Croatia, Bosnia

112. Wallachia, Servia, Bulgaria, Romania

113. Graecia

114. Macedonia

115. Morea

116. Candia

117. Back Cover

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Publisher: Dvisbvrgi Clivorvm [1595]




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