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Das illustrirte Mississippithal : dargestellt in 80 nach der natur aufgenommenen ansichten vom wasserfalle zu St. Anthony an bis zum gulf von Mexico


Date: 1857



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Lewis, Henry. Das Illustrirte Mississippithal. Dusseldorf : Arnz & Company. 1857.


Lewis, Henry (1857) Das Illustrirte Mississippithal. Dusseldorf : Arnz & Company.


Lewis, Henry, Das Illustrirte Mississippithal. Dusseldorf : Arnz & Company. 1857.


Although he was born in England, Henry Lewis emigrated to the United States with his family when he was a child. He lived in Boston and in 1836 moved to Saint Louis, where he learned the carpenter's trade. A few years later he began to work as a painter of stage scenery at the city's theatre. Lewis travelled to the Mississippi area in 1846 to draw the landscape, and returned again in 1848.

The sketches made during this second trip were the basis of a panoramic landscape painting, which he titled Mammoth Panorama of the Mississippi River. The painting was first exhibited in Cincinnati, the city he lived in from 1848 to 1849. Lewis spent the next few years visiting many cities of the east coast with this huge work and travelled to Europe with it in 1851. The panorama was shown in various countries until it was finally bought by a Dutch landowner.

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Two years after arriving in Europe, Lewis decided to establish himself in Dusseldorf. In 1854 he published Das Illustrierte Mississippi, a book in which his illustrations were accompanied by texts written by George B. Douglas. Despite having settled permanently in Europe and never returning to the United States, for the rest of his life Lewis continued to paint landscapes inspired by the sketches made during his trips to the Mississippi.

Originally issued in parts (fascicles); no. 1-3, 1854, no. 4-6, 1855, "Nach dem englischen original-text deutsch bearbeitet, von George B. Douglas": no. 7-20. "(Deutsch und englisch.) Von George B. Douglas". Dusseldorf, Elkan, Baumer & co., 1857

The engraved title (frontispiece) reads "Der Mississippi. Dusseldorf, Verlag des Lithogr. Instituts von Arnz & co."

In the "Messkatalog" or "Bibliographisches jahrbuch" of Avenarius, 1854-55, no. I-II, III, and IV-VI are entered with the note "Ist auch mit englischem text zu gleichem preise zu haben"; no copy with English text has been located

[78] p. of plates


Library of Congress Call Number/Physical Location: F353 .L67

List of Images

1. Cover

2. Illustrated Title Page

3. Title Page

4. St. Louis

5. Steamboat Wooding at Night

6. indian Deputation

7. Fort Snelling

8. Mouths of the Mississippi

9. The Falls of St. Anthony

10. The Rolling Prairie

11. The Valley of St. Peters

12. The Little Falls

13. St. Pauls in Menesotah Territorium

14. Klein Rabendorf

15. Rothe Felsen Prairie

16. The Mouth of the River St. Croix

17. Red Wings Village

18. The Indian Cemetery

19. Lake Pepin

20. The Maiden Rock

21. Medizinflaschendorf

22. The Grand Council

23. Mouth of the Chippeway, Wisconsin

24. The Indian Camp

25. Travelling Hunting Party

26. Dog Dance

27. Prairie on Fire

28. Battle of Bad Axe

29. Indians Spearing Fish

30. Hunting the Deer by Moonlight

31. Scalping Scene on the Mississippi

32. Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin in 1830

33. Mouth of the Wisconsin from Pikes Hill

34. Cassville in 1829

35. The Indians Look Out

36. Petroglyph

37. The Camp of The United States Troops

38. Dubuque in Iowa

39. Tete de Mort River

40. Galena on Fever River in Illinois

41. View on Fever River

42. Bellevue, Iowa

43. Savannah, Illinois

44. Port Byron, Iowa and Berlin, Illinois

45. The Rapids

46. Fort Armstrong

47. Fort Armstrong on Rock Island

48. Muscadine, Iowa.jpg

49. Great Muscadine, Prairie, Iowa

50. Burlington, Iowa

51. Fort Madison, Iowa

52. Nauvoe, Illinois

53. The Mormon Temple

54. Warsaw, Iowa

55. Artist's Encampment

56. Quincy, Illinois

57. View on the Mississippi near Quincy, Illinois

58. Keokuck, Iowa

59. Hannibal, Missouri

60. The Town of Louisiana, Missouri

61. Clarksville, Missouri

62. The Pissau Rock near Alton, Illinois

63. Ballustrade Bluffs with the Grand Staircase

64. Alton, Illinois

65. Mouth of the Missouri

66. The Great Fire in St. Louis (May 17th 1849)

67. Carondelet or Vide Poche, Missouri

68. Herculaneum, Missouri

69. Cairo, Mouth of the Ohio

70. New Madrid, Missouri

71. Memphis, Tennessee

72. Mouth of the Arkansas

73. Vicksburg

74. Cotton Plantation

75. General Taylor's Plantation

76. Natchez, Mississppi

77. Mouth of Red River

78. Bayon Sucra, Luisiana

79. Convent du Sacrament

80. Pilot's Station

81. New Orleans, Louisiana

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