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Mexico y sus alrededores. Coleccion de vistas monumentales, paisajes y trajes del pais. Dibujados al natural y litografiados / por los artistas mexicanos C. Castro, G. Rodriguez e J. Campillo. Bajo la direccion de V. Debray. Los articulos descriptivos son de los senores d. Marcos Arronis, d. Jose T. de Cuellar [y otros] ... Mexico et ses environs. Collection de vues monumentales, paysages et costumes du pais


Date: 1869



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Castro, Casimiro. Mexico y sus Alrededories. Mexico, Impr. lit. de V. Debray, editior, 1869.. 1869.


Castro, Casimiro (1869) Mexico y sus Alrededories. Mexico, Impr. lit. de V. Debray, editior, 1869..


Castro, Casimiro, Mexico y sus Alrededories. Mexico, Impr. lit. de V. Debray, editior, 1869.. 1869.


A splendid document of both Mexican life and lithography, this edition of Mexico y sus alrededores has nearly double the number of color plates contained in most other editions, as well as a rather rare combination of both the folding plan of Mexico City and the folding map of Mexico, the latter also showing a large portion of Texas. Most of the plates are after paintings by Casimiro Castro.

"The most important work illustrating Mexico City in the nineteenth century" (Mathes, Mexico on Stone).

Issued first in two sets of installments between 1855 and 1856, the book seems to have undergone relatively few formal editions, being instead printed and published according to popular demand and the availability of illustrations. Because of this, there is wide variation among copies, which, in addition to presenting a changing selection of lithographs, reveal new perspectives and renditions of past subject-matter.

Abbey notes that: "The draughtsmanship and lithography is of a very high standard" (Abbey 672). This volume is especially noteworthy in that light, as all but three of its lithographs are in color. Its cover bears the stamped year of 1875, although since the latest date to be specified on any of the plates is 1869, it is unclear how many views were taken in the early 1870s.

Of particular interest in this edition is a rare lithograph showing the presentation of a group of Kickapoo Indians and runaway Texas slaves at the court of the Austrian Archduke and Emperor of Mexico, Maximilian, in 1865. The only tribe never to surrender to or make deals with the encroaching United States, the Kickapoo sought asylum with Maximilian after being attacked by Texans as they fled the Civil War, and today divide their time between their lands in the U.S. and those in Mexico.

Other plates depict breathtaking aerial views (some taken from hot air balloons), multiple rich examples of Mexican dress, a stagecoach robbery, noteworthy architectural sites, parks, and scenes from life on the road, in the street, and at the market, among other subjects.

2 p. l., 67, [3] p. 47 pl. (part col.) 2 fold. maps. 46 cm.


Abbey Travel 672; Colas 547; Lipperheide 1624; Sabin 485-89; Mathes 'Mexico on Stone' pp. 29-29 & 57; Bobins 6; Toussant 'La Litografia en Mexico' p.18.

List of Images

1. Book Display

2. Illustrated Title Page

3. Title Page

4. Plano General de la Ciudad de Mexico 1875

5. La Ciudad de Mexico 1869

6. La Fuente de la Tlaxpana

7. Plaza de Morelos

8. Ataque de Una Diligencia

9. La Fuente del Salto del Agua

10. El Sagrario de Mexico

11. Casa Municipal o Disputacion

12. Casa del Emperador Iturbide - Hoy Hotel de las Diligencias Generales

13. San Antonio Chimalistaca Entrance de Sn. Angel (I)

14. San Antonio Chimalistaca Entrance de Sn. Angel (II)

15. Interior de la Alameda de Mexico (I)

16. Interior de la Alameda de Mexico (II)

17. La Villa de Guadalupe Tomada en Globo el Dia 13 de Diciembre

18. Las Cadenas en Una Noche de Luna

19. Plaza de San Agustin de las Cuevas Ciudad de Tlalpam (I)

20. Plaza de San Agustin de las Cuevas Ciudad de Tlalpam (II)

21. La Calle de Roldan y su Desembarcadero

22. La Villa de Tacubaya tomada a ojo de Pajaro Sobre del Camino de Toluc

23. La Villa de Tacubaya tomada desde Chapultepec

24. Molino de Belen Lomas de Santa Fe Tacubaya

25. Colegio de Mineria

26. Paseo de Bucareli

27. El Mercado de Iturbide Antigua, Plaza de San Juan

28. La Alameda de Mexico tomada en Globe

29. El Paseo de la Viga

30. Catedral de Mexico

31. Interior de la Catedral de Mexico

32. Chapultepec

33. Bosque de Chapultepec

34. El Pueblo de Ixtacalco 1869

35. Atrio del Convento de San Francisco 1860 (I)

36. Atrio del Convento de San Francisco 1860 (II)

37. Plaza de Santo Domingo

38. El Valle de Mexico tomado desde las alturas de Chapultepec

39. Palacio Nacional de Mexico

40. Plaza de Armas de Mexico

41. Jardin de la Plaza de Armas

42. Antiguedades Mexicanas que existen en el Museo Nacional de Mexico 1857

43. Trajes Mexicanos (I)

44. Trajes Mexicanos (II)

45. Camino de Tacubaya a Chapultepec Trajes de Indios Mexicanos

46. Trajes Mexicanos (III)

47. Trajes Mexicanos Soldados del sur 1855

48. Trajes Mexicanos (IV)

49. Trajes Mexicanos (V)

50. Indios Kikapoos presentados a Sm. Maximiliano 1865

51. Trajes Mexicanos un Fandango

52. Cascada de Tizapan Sn. Angel

53. Estacion de Puebla Inauguracion del Camino de Fierro

54. Orizava

55. Veracruz

56. Carta General de la Republica Mexicana 1872

57. Back Cover

Publication Information

Publisher: Mexico, Impr. lit. de V. Debray, editior, 1869.






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