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[Volume 2] Narrative, of a five years' expedition, against the revolted Negroes of Surinam, in Guiana, on the wild coast of South America, from the year 1772, to 1777 : elucidating the history of that country, and the description of its productions, viz. quadrupedes, birds, fishes, reptiles, trees, shrubs, fruits, & roots; with an account of the indians of Guiana, & Negroes of Guinea. By Captn. J.G. Stedman. Illustrated with 80 elegant engravings, designed from nature, by the author


Date: 1796



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Stedman, John Gabriel. Narrative, of a Five Years Expedition Vol. 2. London : Printed by J. Johnson, St. Pauls Church Yard, & J. Edwards, Pall Mall. 1796.


Stedman, John Gabriel (1796) Narrative, of a Five Years Expedition Vol. 2. London : Printed by J. Johnson, St. Pauls Church Yard, & J. Edwards, Pall Mall.


Stedman, John Gabriel, Narrative, of a Five Years Expedition Vol. 2. London : Printed by J. Johnson, St. Pauls Church Yard, & J. Edwards, Pall Mall. 1796.


John Gabriel Stedman was a distinguished officer in the Scots Brigade In Holland and a British Dutch soldier and noted author, who volunteered for service against the Negroes in Dutch Guiana. His first-hand observation and depiction of slavery and other aspects of colonization became an important tool in the abolitionist cause. He described all aspects of natural life in this South American colony.

First published in 1796, the unsold copies of the second edition [of 1806] were issued with a new title-page in 1813.

Illustrated with 76 elegant hand coloured copper engravings from drawings made by the author and engraved by William Blake, Bartolozzi and others. 2 identical engraved titles, 3 folding maps and 1 folding panoramic view all with tissue guards. 2 volumes, small 4to.


Abbey Travel II 719; Bobins I 27; Sabin 91075.

List of Images

1. Front Cover

2. Title Page

3. View of L'Esperance, or the Hope, on the Commewine

4. View of Clarenbeek, on the River Commewine

5. The Quato & Sacccawinkee Monkeys

6. Sprig of the Arnotta, or Roucon Tree

7. The Blue & Crimson Butterfly of South America

8. The Groo-groo, or Palm Tree Worms

9. The Anamoe & Green Parrots of Guiana

10. The Wood-Rat of Surinam

11. The Crabbodago, or Grisson

12. The Fresh-water Fish called Dago-Fissee

13. The Rock Cod, or Newmara

14. The Jagnar, or Tiger of Terra Firma

15. The Tiger Cat of Surinam

16. A Surinam Planter in his Morning Dress

17. The Mountain Cabbage & Maureecee Tree

18. View of Magdenbergh, on Tempate Creek

19. View of Calays, & the Creek Caswinica

20. Limes, Capsicum, Mammy Apple &c

21. A Rebel Negro armed & on his guard

22. Manner of Bush-fighting by the African Negroes

23. Graduation of Shades between Europe & Africa

24. March thro' a swamp or Marsh, in Terra-firma

25. Plan of the Principal Field of Action between the Rivers Cottica and Marawina; with a Sketch of the manner of Encamping in the Woods of Surinam

26. The Marine Oppossum of Terra-Firma

27. The Vampire or Spectre of Guiana

28. The Agouti, or Indian Coney

29. The Paca, or Spotted Cavey

30. The Tapir, or Hippopotamus of South America

31. The Manati, or Sea Cow of Guiana

32. View of the Camp at the Java Creek

33. View of the Encampment at Jerusalem

34. Indian Female of the Arrowauka Nation

35. The Green Butterfly of South America

36. The Rattle Snake & Dypsas of Guiana

37. Sprig of the Cocao, or Chocolate Tree

38. The Musk Melon, Water Melon & Pine Apple

39. The Humming Bird, with its nest &c

40. Manner of catching Fish by the Spring-Hook

41. Manner of catching Fish by the Spring-Basket

42. The Yellow Woodpecker & Wood-louse fowl

43. Family of Negro Slaves from Loango

44. Musical Instruments of the Afrocan Negroes

45. View of the Settlement called the Jew's Savannah

46. View of the Blue Bergh called Mount Parnassus

47. The Execution of Breaking on the Rack

48. Sprig of the Indigo Plant

49. Manner of Sleeping in the Forest

50. Rural Retreat - The Cottage

51. The Tamandua, & Coati-Mondi

52. The Spoon Bill or Shoveler

53. The Jabiru, or Crane of Guiana

54. The celebrated Graman Quacy

55. Sprig of the Coffee Tree

56. Plan of a regular Coffee Plantation

57. The Shark & Remora

58. Europe supported by Africa & America

59. Back Cover

Publication Information

Publisher: London : Printed by J. Johnson, St. Pauls Church Yard, & J. Edwards, Pall Mall




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