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Reminiscences of the South Seas


Date: 1912




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List of Images

1. Front Cover

2. Title Page

3. Girl Weeding in Front of Our House, Vaiala, Samoa

4. Trees on Moonlight, Honolulu, Hawaii

5. Beginning of Desert Island of Hawaii

6. Central Cone of Volcano, Kilauea, Hawaii

7. Crater of Kilauea and the Lava Bed, Hawaii

8. Men Bathing in the River Near the Sea - Onomea, Island of Hawaii

9. Fayaway Sails Her Boat, Samoa

10. Sifa Dancing the Sitting Siva

11. The Flute Player, Samoa

12. Uatea Dancing the Sitting Siva

13. Boy in Canoe Passing in Front of Our House, Vaiala, Samoa

14. Mataafas Cook House From Our Hut at Vaiala, Samoa

15. Samoan Courtship

16. Swimming Dance, Samoa

17. Soldiers Bringing Presents of Food in Military Order - Iva in Savaii, Samoa

18. Taupo and Attendants Dancing in Open Air - Iva in Savaii, Samoa

19. Presentation of Gifts of Good at Iva in Savaii, Samoa

20. South Sea Seated Dance at Night, Samoa

21. Aitutagata, the Hereditary Assassins of King Malietoa - Sapapali, Savaii, Samoa

22. Buttresses of the First Christian Church and Tomb of Siga in the Reef, Sapapali, Samoa

23. Practising the Seated Dance at Night, Samoa

24. The Boy, Sopo, Samoa

25. The Papa Sees or Sliding Rock Fagalo - Sliding Waterfall, Vaiala, Samoa

26. Girl Sliding Down Waterfall - Banana Leaf Around Her Body, Samoa

27. Samoan Girl Carrying Palm Branch

28. Two Taupos Dancing a Game of Ball, Samoa

29. From Our Hut at Vao-Vai, Samoa

30. Tulafales Speech Making Vao-Vao, Samoa

31. Taupo Dancing the Standing Siva, Samoa

32. Fagalo and Sue Wrestling, Vaiala, Samoa

33. Maua Study of One of Our Boat Crew, Apia, Samoa

34. Study of Sur Breaking on Outside Reef, Tautira, Taiarapu, Tahiti

35. The Diadem Mountain, Tahiti

36. Young Tahitian Girl

37. Peak of Mauna Roa, Island of More, Society Islands, Tahiti

38. Sun Coming Over Mountains - Early Morning, Uponohu

39. Edge of the Aorai Mountain Covered with Cloud, Midday, Papeete, Tahiti

40. Chiefs in War Dress and Paint, Devil Country, Viti Levu, Fiji

41. Mekke-Mekke, A Story Dance - The Musicians at Reva, Fiji

42. The Dance of War, Fiji

43. Joli Buti - Teacher, Fiji

44. Tonga Girl with Fan

45. Edge of Village of Nasogo in Mountain of the Northeast of Viti Levu, Fiji

46. Fijian Boy

47. A Stufy of Huts at End of Village, Matakula, Fiji

48. Ratu Mandrae, Fijian Chief

49. Beginning of Village Dawn, Matakula, Fiji

50. Mountain Hut or House at Waikumbukumbu, Fiji

51. Back Cover

Publication Information

Publisher: Garden City, N.Y. : Doubleday, Page & Company



Pages: 598


California Digital Library

ISBN-10: N/A

Date Added: 2019-06-19

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