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[Atlas] Results of a scientific mission to India and High Asia: undertaken between the years MDCCCLIV and MDCCCLVIII, by order of the court of directors of the hon. East India Company


Date: 1866




In 1854, on the recommendation of Alexander von Humboldt, the East India Company commissioned the three brothers, Hermann, Adolf, and Robert Schlagintweit to conduct a scientific expedition in the Himalaya region especially related to the Earth's magnetic field.

Between 1854-1857 they traveled, sometimes in company, sometimes separately, in the Deccan and in the region of the Himalayas, investigating beyond the frontiers of the company's territory into the region of the Karakorum and Kuen-lun mountains.

Hermann and Robert were the first Europeans who crossed the Kuen-lun, and in honor of that achievement the former had the title or surname of Sakunlunski bestowed upon him (in 1864). Robert returned to Europe early in 1857; Hermann, after a visit to Nepal, joined him on his homeward journey; but Adolf, who remained to prosecute his explorations in Central Asia, was put to death by the amir of Kashgar on the 26th of August.

Hermann and Robert then returned to Europe, where with Robert he published this four volume work with an atlas. One of the finest examples of topographical views in 19th century color lithography, printed by Storch & Kramer and W. Loeillet in Berlin, and Lemercier in Paris. Lithographed by Koch in Berlin and Sabatier in Paris, after watercolors by Hermann de Schlagintweit. Plates include spectacular views of snow-covered Mount Everest.

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Band 1: Astronomical determinations of latitudes and longitudes and magnetic observations: during a scientific mission to India and High Asia, Leipzig, 1861.

Band 2: General hypsometry of India, the Himalaya, and Western Tibet, with sections across the chains of the Karakorum and Kuenluen: comprising, in addition to messrs. de Schlagintweit's determinations, the data collected from books, maps, and private communications, Leipzig, 1862

Band 3: Route-book of the western parts of the Himalaya, Tibet, and Central Asia: and geographical glossary from the languages of India and Tibet, including the phonetic transcription and interpretation, Leipzig, 1863

Band 4: Meteorology of India: an analysis of the physical conditions of India, the Himalaya, western Tibet, and Turkistan, Leipzig, 1866

Atlas: Atlas of panoramas and views, with geographical, physical, and geological maps: dedicated to Her Majesty the Queen of England, Leipzig, 1861-1866

Elephant folio, 4 x 4to text volumes and 4 large atlas volume, in four original parts, printed title, dedication, 9 lithographed maps, 7 in color, metrological chart, 7 profiles and 29 plates, plate 7 on two sheets, plates 4, 6ll. and 18 with two illustrations, plates 21-23 on three sheets, all colored lithographed plates.


Bobins 1122; Yakushi S65 (4).

List of Images

1. Colored Wrapper Front Cover

2. Title Page

3. Gaurisankar or Mount Everest in the Himalaya of Nepal

4. The Summit of Kanchinjinga in the Himalaya of Sikkim

5. The Satlej Valley and the Environs of Rampur in the Western Himalaya

6. The Salt Lake Tso Mitbal in Pangkong Tibet

7. The Salt Lake Tso Gam in Eastern Ladak Tibet

8. Cane Suspension Bridge Over the Temshang River in the Khassia Hills

9. The Drift Sands in the Interior of the Sindh Sager Duab Panjab

10. Alluvial High Ground On the Western Border of the Sindh Sager Duab Panjab

11. The Peaks and Glaciers of the Sasser Pass in Nuba Tibet [I]

12. The Peaks and Glaciers of the Sasser Pass in Nuba Tibet [II]

13. The Kunda Range in the Nilgiris Southern India

14. Leh the Capital of Ladak in Western Tibet

15. The Chorkonda Glacier in Balti Tibet

16. Routes in High Asia

17. Magnetic Survey of India and High Asia [I]

18. Magnetic Survey of India and High Asia [II]

19. Magnetic Survey of India and High Asia [III]

20. Part II Colored Wrapper

21. Fort and Lines of Udelguri in the Province of Darrang Assam

22. Village of Mangeldai in Assam

23. Interior of the Buddhistic Temple of the Monastery Mangnang in Gnari Khorsum

24. The Salt Lake Kiuk Kiol in the Karakash Valley Turkistan

25. The Flats of the Hiron Valley from the Barer Plateau near Kattingi Central India

26. Palm Grove and Singhalese Habitations near Galle Ceylon

27. Panorama Profiles [I] the Himalaya of Bhutan Sikkim and Nepal

28. Panorama Profiles [II]

29. Panorama Profiles [III]

30. Panorama Profiles [IV]

31. Panorama Profiles [V]

32. Panorama Profiles [VI]

33. Panorama Profiles [VII]

34. Part III Colored Wrapper

35. The Buddhist Monastery Himis near Leh in Ladak

36. The Valley of the Yarkand River Downwards from Dera Bullu in Turkistan

37. Panorama of the Lake and the Gardens near Srinagar Kashmir Northern Aspect

38. Panorama of the Lake and the Gardens near Srinagar Kashmir Southern Aspect

39. The Summit of Parisnath in Bahar

40. Central Assam and the Brahmaputra Jungles from Ogri Hill near Tezpur

41. Index Map of Routes

42. Facsimile of a Bhutia Map

43. Part IV Colored Wrapper

44. Alluvial Deposits in the Brahmaputra Above Rakusni Hill Assam

45. The Jhils of Bengal at High Water

46. The Jhilum or Behut in the Panjab

47. he Bias Between Amritsar and Jalander Panjab

48. The Mahanadi River in the Rainy Season Central Bengal

49. The Ganges near Patna Western Bengal

50. The Salt Lake Tsomoriri in Rupchu Western Tibet

51. The Salt Lake Tsomognalari in Pangkong Western Tibet

52. The Chain of the Kuenluen from Sumgal in Turkistan

53. Illustrations of the Meterology of India and High Asia [I]

54. Illustrations of the Meterology of India and High Asia [II]

55. Illustrations of the Meterology of India and High Asia [III]

56. Illustrations of the Meterology of India and High Asia [IV]

57. Back Cover

Publication Information

Publisher: Leipzig and London: Brockhaus and Trubner & Co.



Pages: 63


Heidelberg University

ISBN-10: N/A

Date Added: 2019-06-30

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