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Schetsen van Afrika's Westkust


Date: 1861



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Gramberg, Jan Simon Gerardus. Schetsen van Afrika's Westkust. Amsterdam : Weijtingh & Brave. 1861.


Gramberg, Jan Simon Gerardus (1861) Schetsen van Afrika's Westkust. Amsterdam : Weijtingh & Brave.


Gramberg, Jan Simon Gerardus, Schetsen van Afrika's Westkust. Amsterdam : Weijtingh & Brave. 1861.


Jan Gramberg was a Dutch author, military physician, plantation owner and adventurer, who lived and worked in the Dutch Gold Coast and the Dutch East Indies, and who wrote several works about these places. He was the first European settler in Guinea to own a plantation.

Gramberg was born in Maastricht to Johan Gramberg and Adriana Grond. After graduating with a medical degree in Utrecht, Gramberg was installed as a medical officer on the Dutch Gold Coast by royal decree dated 13 November 1855.

In Africa, he proved himself to be quite an adventurous man, traveling along the coast and the interior and eventually founding a cotton plantation on the Bossumprah river, on the road to British Komenda.

After his period in Africa, which lasted from 1856 and 1859, he wrote a book describing his adventures in Africa. His account provides a description of the country, including topography, as well as anecdotes of his travels in the primarily Dutch portions of the country.

Lithographed title page with colored vignette (Ennimir Koning van Oost-Wassa)

Eight folding colored lithograph views


Not in the ussual bibliographies; Keynes Part 1, Lot 323; Bobins 96.

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Publisher: Amsterdam : Weijtingh & Brave



Pages: 406


British Library


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