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Angas, George French. South Australia Illustrated. London: for the proprietor by Thos. McLean, Haymarket, 1846.. 1847.


Angas, George French (1847) South Australia Illustrated. London: for the proprietor by Thos. McLean, Haymarket, 1846..


Angas, George French, South Australia Illustrated. London: for the proprietor by Thos. McLean, Haymarket, 1846.. 1847.


Artist George French Angas painted some of the earliest views of South Australia. He describes how he visits all parts of the Colony, making himself conversant with the manners and habits of native tribes, whose existence is unknown to the world. Arriving in Adelaide in January 1844, he rapidly set about an extensive series of journeys to the Murray Lakes, Barossa Valley, Fleurieu Peninsula and the South East, capturing his impressions of the young colony-its landscapes, its inhabitants and the flora and fauna.

After a trip to New Zealand he returned to South Australia in 1845 and travelled to Port Lincoln. With his impressive portfolio of water colors he then sailed for London and in 1847 published the magnificent folio South Australia illustrated, which has served ever since as a glowing snapshot of South Australia in 1844. The book contains 60 plates with accompanying text.

60 hand coloured tinted lithographic plates


Abbey Travel II 577; Tooley 62-63; Colas 133, Bobins 315.

List of Images

1. Book Display

2. Front Cover

3. Title Page

4. Illustrated Wrapper

5. Illustrated Title Page

6. The City of Adelaide, from the Torrens, near the Reed Beds

7. Grass Trees at Yankallillah, with the Red Kangaroo

8. The River Murray above Moorundi

9. Crater of Mount Schanck

10. Portraits of the Aboriginal Inhabitants

11. Native Weapons and Implements

12. Port Adelaide

13. Portraits of the Aboriginal Inhabitants

14. Scene on the Coorung, near Lake Albert, with a new species of Kangaroo

15. View from Mount Lofty, looking over the Plains of Adelaide The Port and T Vincent's Gulf in the distance

16. Portraits of the Aboriginal Inhabitants

17. Klemsic, a village of German Settlers

18. Port Lincoln, looking across Boston Bay towards Spencers Gulf Stanford Hill in the distance

19. Lynedoch Valley, looking towards the Barossa Range

20. The Kuri Dance

21. The Palti Dance

22. Encounter Bay

23. Mount Gambier, and one of its Volcanic Lakes

24. Portraits of the Aboriginal Inhabitants

25. Kangaroo Hunting, near Port Lincoln Albert Park in the distance

26. Waungerri Lake and the Marble Range Westward of Port Lincoln

27. Coast Scene near Rapid Bay Sunset Natives fishing with nets

28. Portraits of the Aboriginal Inhabitants

29. Lower Falls of Glen Stuart, on the Moriatia Rivulet, in the hills, near Adelaide

30. Portraits of the Aboriginal Inhabitants

31. The River Murray, near Lake Alexandria

32. Old Gum Tree on the Gawler

33. The Aboriginal Inhabitants Ornaments and Utensils

34. Angaston Evening

35. Entrance to the Gorge at Yankallillah

36. Messrs Arthur's Sheep Station, with one of he volcanic wells Mount Schank in the distance Early Morning

37. The Aboriginal Inhabitants Implements and Domestic Economy

38. The Kapundia Copper Mine

39. The Aboriginal Inhabitants Native Dwellings

40. Currakalinga, looking across St Vincent's Gulf

41. The Devil's Punch Bowl, near Mt Schanck

42. The Aboriginal Inhabitants

43. The Aboriginal Inhabitants An Old Man and Girl on the Coorung

44. Native encampment at Portland Bay "Cold Morning" and his family

45. Entomology of South Australia Lepidoptera

46. Rivoli Bay

47. Penguin Island, off Rivoli Bay

48. Rapid Bay Encampment of Yankallillah Blacks

49. The Aboriginal Inhabitants Native Tombs

50. Adelaide Hindley Street from the corner of King William Street; looking west

51. The Aboriginal Inhabitants

52. Sea Mouth of the Murray

53. Lake Albert, from the Great Scrub, beyond Bonney's water-holes

54. Cape Jervis, with part of Kangaroo Island

55. Interior of the principal Crater of Mount Gambier

56. The Aboriginal Inhabitants

57. Entomology of South Australia, Orthoptera, &c

58. Yattagolinga

59. Entomology of South Australia (Coleoptera)

60. The Aboriginal Inhabitants: Native Implements and Domestic Economy

61. The Golwa, with part of Hindmarsh Island Mt Barker & Mt Magnificent in the distance

62. View from Hall's Gully, looking over Angas Park The Belvidere Range in the distance

63. On the Barrossa Surveys, looking north, towards German Pass

64. The Departure of Captain Sturt on his expedition into the interior, august, 1844

65. South Australia Botany (Native Flowers)

66. Encampment of Native Women, near Cape Jervis

67. Natives of Encounter Bay

68. Falls of Glen Stuart on the Moriatta Creek

69. From the Barossa, looking over part of Angas Park

70. North Bend of the River Gawler

71. The Aboriginal Inhabitants: Mintalta amp;& Tyilkilli

72. Bethany A village of German Settlers at the foot of the Barossa Hills

73. Back Cover

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Publisher: London: for the proprietor by Thos. McLean, Haymarket, 1846.




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