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Steinmann, Johann Jacob. Souvenirs de Rio de Janeiro. Basle, J. Steinmann, 1835. 1835.


Steinmann, Johann Jacob (1835) Souvenirs de Rio de Janeiro. Basle, J. Steinmann, 1835.


Steinmann, Johann Jacob, Souvenirs de Rio de Janeiro. Basle, J. Steinmann, 1835. 1835.


This is a lovely copy of an exquisite and rare book; the plates are so finely colored and heightened that they might easily be taken for original gouaches, the workmanship being the equal of the very best Swiss view books of this period. This copy is entirely unaffected by oxidization which frequently occurs with this work.

Steinmann was Swiss by birth and emigrated to Brazil in 1825.He set up a studio in Rio and contributed illustrations to a number of works printed there between 1827 and 1830 when he was under contract to lecture at the Military Archive. He seems to have returned to Switzerland in about 1832 where he published a series of large loose views of South America and the above album. According to Borba the book was issued with a variety of dates from 1834 to 1839.

The views shown are as follows: "Bota Fogo"; "Vista Tomada de Sta. Thereza"; "St. Joao de Carachy, a Praya Grande"; "Moro de Castello & da Praya d'Ajuda"; "Novo Friburgo (Colnia Suissa, ao Morro Queimodo)"; Igreja de St. Sebatiao"; "Largo de Paco"; "Ilha das Cobras"; "Plantacao de Cafe"; "Caminho dos Orgaos"; "Vista de N.S. da Gloria et da Barra do Rio de Janeiro"; "Vista do sacco d'Alferes & de St. Cristovao". Each plate is ascribed to a particular artist, with 9 being by Steinmann himself, 2 by Kretschman and one by Victor Barrat. They were all engraved by Frederico Salathe.

Missing plates; Igreja de St. Sebastiao, Largo do Praco, Caminho dos Orgaos.


Borba de Noraes p.286; Bobins 28. Sabin, 88693

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Publisher: Basle, J. Steinmann, 1835





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