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The Beautiful Rio de Janiero


Date: 1914



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Bell, Alured Gray. The Beautiful Rio de Janiero. London, W. Heinemann. 1914.


Bell, Alured Gray (1914) The Beautiful Rio de Janiero. London, W. Heinemann.


Bell, Alured Gray, The Beautiful Rio de Janiero. London, W. Heinemann. 1914.


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List of Images

1. Front Cover

2. Title Page

3. A Corner of the Hall of Honour, Cattete Palace

4. The Royal Mail Steam Packet "Arlanza"

5. The Royal Mail Steam Packet Company's Offices, Avenida Rio Branco

6. The Bay of Guanabara

7. The Botafogo Portion of Rio's Bay-side Avenue

8. A Bit of Rio with the Ilha das Cobras and the Ilha Fiscal

9. Victoria Regia

10. Bird's-eye View of the ancient Carioca Viaduct

11. Looking down from the Eastern Edge of Cocovado

12. Copocabana and Leme

13. International Hotel, Santa Thereza

14. Corner of the Praca da Gloria

15. Map of Rio de Janeiro

16. A Glimpse of the Lake at Riberao das Lages

17. A Cascade at Tijuca

18. Offices of the Rio Tramway, Light and Power Company

19. A View of Rio and the Bay, showing Messrs. Walker's Wall

20. Residence of Mr. Joseph Walker, Petropolis

21. The "Benjamin Constant" and "Minas Geraes" in Rio Harbour

22. Residence of Mr. Frank H. Walter, Petropolis

23. The Brazilian Super-Dreadnought "Minas Geraes"

24. Residence of Count Paulo de Frontin, Petropolis

25. Terminus of the Central Railway of Brazil

26. Map of the Railways of Brazil

27. A Bit of Rio's North Western Suburbs

28. View of the Falls of Iguassu

29. Penetrating the Amazonian Forest

30. Leopoldina Railway

31. British Legation, Petropolis

32. Offices of the Leopoldina Railway

33. Municipal Theatre, Avenida Rio Branco

34. Prefecture of the Federal District

35. The Beira Mar Drive

36. Offices of the Jornal do Commercio

37. Aerial Car descending from the Sugar Loaf Mount

38. Aerial Car reaching Summit of the Sugar Loaf

39. Caixa de Amortizacao

40. Rio Customs Wharf

41. South Suburban Rio - Ipanema

42. The British Bank of South America

43. The Itamaraty Palace

44. Garden of the Itamaraty Palace

45. Cattete Palace

46. Residence of General Pinheiro Machado

47. Moorish Building and Mssrs. Guinle's Offices

48. Jute Mills of the Cia. Nacional de Tecidos de Juta

49. A Military Encampment on the Upper Amazon

50. Workshops of the Lloyd Brasileiro Steamship Company

51. Ministry of Traffic and Public Works

52. General Map of the Western Telegraph Company's System

53. The Praca da Lapa and Praca da Gloria

54. Civil Police Headquarters

55. Gaunabara Palace

56. Ministry of Agriculture

57. Residence of Dr. Pedro de Toledo

58. Avenue of Royal Palms, Botanical Gardens

59. Butterflies

60. The National Library

61. Residence of Senator Ruy Barboza

62. Hotel dos Estrangeiros

63. "Villino Nair"

64. Bamboo Grove, Botanical Gardens

65. Map of Brazil with Railways

66. Back Cover

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Publisher: London, W. Heinemann





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