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[Series I] The campaign in the Crimea : an historical sketch by George Brackenbury. Illustrated by forty plates, from drawings taken on the spot by William Simpson.


Date: 1855



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Brackenbury, George, Simpson, William, The Campaign in the Crimea [Series I]. London : P. and D. Colnaghi and Co.. 1855.


Brackenbury, George, Simpson, William, (1855) The Campaign in the Crimea [Series I]. London : P. and D. Colnaghi and Co..


Brackenbury, George, Simpson, William, The Campaign in the Crimea [Series I]. London : P. and D. Colnaghi and Co.. 1855.


viii, 112 p. : plates.

List of Images

1. Front Cover

2. Title Page

3. The Malakoff, or Round Tower; from the Twenty-one Gun Battery (Frontispiece)

4. The Cavalry Affair of the Heights of Bulganak

5. Balaklava, looking towards the Sea

6. The Gale off the Port of Balaklava

7. Sebastopol from the Rear of the English Batteries

8. Charge of the Heavy Cavalry Brigade

9. Second Charge of the Guards at the Battle of Inkermann

10. Lord Raglan's Head-Quarters at Khutor Karagatch

11. Distant View of Lord Raglan's Head-Quarters before Sebastopol

12. A Quiet Day in the Diamond Battery. Portrait of Lancaster Sixty-eight Pounder, 15th December, 1854

13. The Field of Inkermann

14. Sentinel of the Zouaves before Sebastopol

15. Commissariat Difficulties. The Road from Balaklava to Sebastopol at Kadikoi, during the wet weather

16. The Graves in the Fort on Cathcart's Hill of the Officers of the Fourth Division who fell at Inkermann

17. Charge of the Light Cavalry Brigade, 25th October, 1854

18. Huts and Warm Clothing for the Army

19. Camp of the Naval Brigade before Sebastopol

20. Camp of the First Division, looking North towards the Camp of the Second Division : the Heights of Inkermann in the distance

21. Sebastopol from the Twenty-six Gun Battery, on the Extreme Right of the French Attack

22. Head of the Harbour, Sebastopol

23. Graves at the Head of the Harbour of Balaklava

24. Sebastopol from the Sea. Sketched from the Deck of H.M.S. Sidon

25. Embarkation of the Sick at Balaklava, looking South

26. A Quiet Night in the Batteries. A Sketch in the Greenhill Battery (Major Chapman's), 29th January, 1855

27. The Camp of the Second Division, looking East. January,1855

28. The Ruins of Inkermann, and City of Caverns

29. Highland Brigade Camp, looking South

30. The Railway at Balaklava

31. The New Works at the Siege of Sebastopol on the Right Attack. From the Mortar Battery on the Right of Gordon's Battery

32. A Christmas Dinner on the Heights before Sebastopol

33. Sebastopol from the East, or Extreme Right of English Attack

34. View from the Heights above Balaklava, looking towards Sebastopol. Showing the Ground of the Battles of the 25th October and of the 6th November, 1854, and the Line of our Defences since the 25th ofOctober

35. Excavated Church in the Caverns of Inkermann, looking West

36. A Hot Day in the Batteries

37. A Hot Night in the Batteries

38. Valley of the Shadow of Death. Caves in the Woronzoff Road, behind the Twenty-one Gun Battery

39. Russian Rifle-Pit; now part of the British advanced Trenches, on the Left of the Right Attack, or Gordon's Battery

40. Prince Woronzoff's Palace, near Yalta, on the South Coast of the Crimea

41. The Monastery of Saint George and Cape Fiolente, looking West

42. The Lighthouse at Cape Chersonese, looking South

43. Back Cover

Publication Information

Publisher: London : P. and D. Colnaghi and Co.




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