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The Costume of Turkey


Date: 1802




Dalvimart was a British artist who traveled widely through Turkey in about 1798 and he produced this costume book from his own observations.

Engraved hand coloured title and 60 hand-colored plates each with separate page of description in English and French attributed to William Alexander. Added title page in French: Costume de la Turquie.

Colored stipple engravings by J. Dadley and William Poole; after Octavian Dalvimart.

[134] p., LX leaves of plates : ill. ; 37 cm.


Bobins I 130; Abbey Travel 370. Colas, R. Costume, 782; Hiler, H. Bibliography of costume, p. 213; Lipperheidesche Kostmbibliothek (2. Aufl.), Lb37

List of Images

1. Title Page [English]

2. Title Page [French]

3. The Kislar Aga, or first Black Eunuch of the Seraglio

4. A Sultana, or Odalisk

5. Officers of the Grand Signior

6. A Turkish Woman in a Provincial Dress

7. Ladle-Bearer to the Janissaries

8. The Chief of the Ulemas, or Professors of the Law

9. A Musician belonging to the Grand Signior

10. A Domestic belonging to the Grand Vizier

11. A Turk in his Chall, or Shawl

12. A Page of the Grand Signior

13. First Dragoman

14. The Mufti, or Chief of Religion

15. A Greek Woman of the Island of Marmora

16. Turban Bearer to the Grand Signior

17. A Jew

18. A Turkish Woman, in the Dress, Worn at Constantinople

19. A Hamal, or Common Porter

20. Subaltern Officer of the Jannissaries

21. Women of the Island of Andros

22. A Saka or Turkish Water Carrier

23. An Albanian

24. An Egyptian Arab

25. An Inhabitant of the Coast of Syria

26. A Dervise

27. A Turk in a Pelise

28. A Bedouin Arab

29. A Female Bedouin of the Desert, with her Child

30. An Officer of the Janissaries

31. A Female Dancer at Constantinople

32. A Dervise of Syria

33. A Tartar

34. An Armenian

35. A Young Prince, heir to the Throne

36. Two Janissaries in their Dress of Ceremony

37. Capidji Bachi

38. An Usher

39. A Female of the Island of Naxos

40. Private Secretary to the Grand Seignior

41. A Soldier

42. Reis Effendi

43. An Inhabitant of the Isle of Simia

44. An Inferior Officer of the Janissaires

45. A Spahi

46. A Member of the Divan

47. Sword Bearer to the Grand Signior

48. A Dervise

49. A Turkish Female of Pera

50. The Confectioner to the Palace

51. The Chief Usher to the Grand Signior

52. An Ichlogan

53. A Tchocadar

54. The Capitan Pasha

55. A Bosniac

56. A Sailor

57. Stool-Bearer to the Grand Signior

58. An Attendant of the Harem of the Grand Signior

59. A Turkish Lady in her Wedding Dress

60. Bostandji Bachi

61. The Grand Vizier

62. A Sultana, or Kaddin

Publication Information

Publisher: London: William Miller, Old Bond Street, by T. Bensley, Fleet Street, 1802.




Pages: 256


Wellcome Collection


ISBN-10: N/A

Date Added: 2019-05-08

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