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The Court of Napoleon under the First Empire with Portraits of its Beauties, Wits and Heroines.


Date: 1857



Goodrich's Court of Napoleon has the plates produced in a manner that involved multiple stages of printing (as did many books from the mid-19th century). In the case of this book, McGrath (the authority on 19th century American color plate books) says that the plates "were prepared with a black key stone, a sepia tinting stone, and finally hand wash was touched onto each."

Colored frontispiece and title page plus 14 colored plates. 416pp.

Handsomely illustrated work, with portraits of Napoleon's court, all befitting the Emperor.

The plates were prepared entirely by Lemercier in Paris.


Bennet, p.47; McGrath, p.86.

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Publisher: New York, Derby & Jackson



Pages: 460


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Date Added: 2019-04-18

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