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Angas, George French. The New Zealanders Illustrated. London : Thos. MacLean, Haymarket. 1847.


Angas, George French (1847) The New Zealanders Illustrated. London : Thos. MacLean, Haymarket.


Angas, George French, The New Zealanders Illustrated. London : Thos. MacLean, Haymarket. 1847.


George French Angus was perhaps the most brilliant British artist of ethnographic types. In order to perfect himself as a draughtsman, in 1842, he studied anatomical drawing in London, and also learned the art of lithography. In September 1843 he went to South Australia, a colony of which his father was one of the founders. There he joined several of (Sir) George Grey's expeditions, and made sketches in watercolors of the scenery, aborigines, and natural history of South Australia. Proceeding to New Zealand, he travelled over eight hundred miles on foot in the wildest regions, and made sketches of the country as he journeyed.

Angus states that he visited both islands in order to learn as much as possible about the Maoris and the changes that were going on in their social and physical condition, so that people in England should have a better idea of them. In addition to his magnificent portraits of Maoris published here, Angas was amongst the first to paint views of South Australia.

He lived for many years in Australia but "visited both Islands of New Zealand, and spent a considerable period in travelling round their coasts, and penetrating through the interior - by seeking out nearly every tribe of natives, and living amongst them for some time, in the remote and almost unknown parts of the country, I have succeeded in obtaining portraits of the most important chiefs, with their families, and have made drawings, on the spot, of all objects of interest connected with their history" (Preface).

Returning to England, he published his sketches in 1847 in two folio volumes, entitled 'South Australia Illustrated' and 'The New Zealanders Illustrated.' These, along with his South African volume, form a cornerstone of color-plate travel literature. This work features marvelous plates of the Maori and their environment. Angas depicts them swinging from a pole by rope; their tattoos, etc.

Originally published in 10 parts. List of subscribers. Hand-colored tinted lithographic additional title-page, lithographic dedication to Prince Albert, 60 hand-colored tinted lithographic plates after Angas, drawn on stone by Angas, W. Hawkins, Louisa Hawkins and J.W. Giles. Added engraved t.p.: London : Published for the proprietor by Thomas McLean, 1846.

[12] p., [60] leaves, 60 leaves of col. plates ; 55 cm.


Abbey "Travel" II, 589; Colas 132; Hocken p.129; Tooley 61; Taylor p152; Bobins 316.

List of Images

1. Book Display

2. Illustrated Title Page

3. Honi Heki and Patuone

4. Taranaki or Mount Egmont, War Canoe. (Early Morning)

5. Ngeungeu and her son James Maxwell

6. Rangihaeata's House on the Oslamd of Mana, called "Kai Tangata" (eat man)

7. Te Awaitaia and Te Moanaroa: Waingaroa

8. Scene in New Zealand Forest near Porirua

9. Nga Toenga, daughter of the Barrier Island Chief

10. Volcano of Tongariro with Motupoi Pah, from Roto-Aire Lake

11. E Wai and Kahoki. Nieces of Rauparaka

12. Monument to Tewhero's favourite daughter, at Raroera Pah, near Otawhao

13. Hongi Hongi

14. Roperta of Kawhia

15. George Thomas, a half caste boy. Nephew of Rauparaha

16. E Rua, E Pari and E Hoki, women of Ngatitoa Tribe, Cook's Strait

17. A woman and her sons, of Nga Ti Toa Tribe. Cook's Strait

18. Tu Kaitote, the Pah of Te Whero Whero, on the Waikato, Taupiri Mountains in the distance

19. Te Mutu, chief of the Shutai, with his sons; Patuoni and Te Kuri Hokianga

20. Nene or Tamiti Waka. Chief of Hokianga

21. Te Henheu's Old Pah of Waitahanui, at Taupo Lake

22. E Wai (wife) / Na Horua or Tom Street (elder brother of Rauparaha) / Tuarau, or Kopai (his son)

23. E Pori / E Rangi Wawa. Porirua Pah

24. House of Hiwikau, mother of Te Heuneu, and Falls of Ko Waihi, at Te Rapa, Tanpo Lake

25. Children on the Banks of the Waipa

26. Children at the Boiling Springs, near Taupo Lake

27. Tomb of the late chief Huriwenua, Queen Charlotte's Sound

28. Rangitakina. A chief of the Bay of Plenty, on the East Coast

29. Maketu House, Otawhao Pah. Built by Puatia to commemorate the taking of Maketu

30. E Tohi. A young woman of Barrier Island

31. Mungakahu, chief of Motupoi, and his wife Ko Mari

32. The Volcanic region of Pumice Hills, looking toward Tongariro and the Ruapahu

33. Horomona Maruhau or Blind Solomon

34. Whatas, or Patukas, storehouses for food

35. Natives of Port Nicholson (4 figs)

36. Motupoi Pah and Roto-Aire Lake. Tongariro in the distance

37. Poahu and E Koti; two lads of Poverty Bay

38. Children of Te Pakaru, the chief of Kawhia

39. Tara or Irirangi, principal chief of the Nga Ti Tai Tribe

40. Paratene Maioha, a chief of Waingaroa. Wearing the Parawal, or Dog's skin Robe

41. A Feast at Mata-Ta, on the East Coast, Mt. Edgecumbe in the Distance

42. Throwing the Spear, the mode of Salutation

43. To Ngaporutu, and his wife, Rihe, at Wakatumutu

44. Ngawhea, of the Te Mohoa, a chief of the Ngatimaniapoto Tribe & Nga Miho 'Wife of Rangituataea'

45. Entrance to a House at Raroera Pah. Waipa

46. Native Ornaments etc (17 figs)

47. A group at Te Aro Pah, Port Nicholson

48. Te Ohu, a Heathen Priest of the Ngatimaniapotp Tribe

49. Ko Tauwaki, a chief of the Tukanu, Ko Teonionga, a boy of Te Rapa. Taupo Lake

50. Ornamental Canoe Heads, Paddles etc (7 figs)

51. Te Maro, a boy of Waikato

52. e Amotutu. A young chief of Nga-Ti-Pou Tribe

53. Ko Tariu. a chief of Taupo, with his wife

54. Te Waru. Principal chief of the Nga Ti Apakura Tribe / Te Pakuru. Principal chief of the Nga Ti Manapoto Tribe

55. Te Werowero, or Potatau. The principal chief of all Waikato

56. Weeping over a Deceased Chief

57. Ornamental Carvings in Wood (7 figs)

58. Ko Nga Waka Te Karaka, (or Clark), the Christian Chief of the Nga-ti-Wacroa Tribe, Waikato and Wakauenuku, his attendant boy

59. Taupo Pah

60. Typical Portraits of the New Zealanders (6 figs)

61. Native Tombs (5 figs)

62. Muriwhenua

63. Kahawai

64. A Tangui, or Meeting of Friends, Mount Egmont in the Distance

65. Native Swing

66. War Dance, before the Pah of Oinemutu near Roturua Lake

67. Toea, daughter of Te Awaitaia, chief of Waingaroa with an attendant boy, carrying water

68. Implements & Domestic Economy (14 figs)

69. Te Heuheu & Hiwikaw Tanpo / Te Kawaw & his nephew Orakai

70. Rangihaeata's Pah; with the Island of Mana and the opposite shores of Cook's Straits

71. Weapons & Implements of War Warriors prepaing for a fight (9 figs)

72. Domestic Sketches (5 figs)

73. A Tiki at Raroera Pah

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Publisher: London : Thos. MacLean, Haymarket





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