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The Riviera Painted & Described by William Scott


Date: 1907



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William Scott. The Riviera Painted & Described. London, A. & C. Black. 1907.


William Scott (1907) The Riviera Painted & Described. London, A. & C. Black.


William Scott. The Riviera Painted & Described. London, A. & C. Black. 1907.


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List of Images

1. Front Cover

2. Title Page

3. Monte Carlo from the East

4. On the Shores near Carqueiranne

5. Street in Hyeres

6. Old Church, Hyeres

7. S. Cassien, near Cannes

8. View of Cannes from La Bocca

9. The Old Town, Cannes

10. Street in Grasse

11. Entrance Gate, Auribeau

12. Church near Vallauris

13. Antibes from the West

14. Old Bridge, Cagnes

15. Cagnes - Evening

16. A Street Corner, Cagnes

17. The Vegetable Market, Nice, looking West

18. The Vegetable Market, Nice, looking South

19. A Corner near the Market, Nice

20. Street in the Old Town, Nice

21. Church of S. Pons, Nice

22. La Roquette, in the Var Valley

23. Street in Falicon

24. The "Tete de Chien," from S. Jean

25. Beaulieu

26. Monaco - Evening

27. Monte Carlo, from Monaco - Early Morning

28. The Old Church, Mentone

29. Monastery of the Annonciade, Mentone, from the South

30. Monastery of the Annonciade, Mentone, from the North

31. In the Borrigo Valley, Mentone

32. Cap Martin

33. France and Italy. On the Shore, Mentone, looking towards Bordighera

34. Italy and France. Mouth of the Roya

35. Old Walls, Ventimiglia, and Church of S. Michele

36. On the Shore, Bordighera - Early Morning

37. A Rose Garden, Bordighera

38. Entrance to Vallebona

39. Entrance to Camporosso - West

40. Entrance to Camporosso - East

41. Autumn Tints in the Cypress Valley

42. In the Nervia Valley - Castle of the Doria

43. Dolceacqua, with the Castle of the Doria

44. Apricale, from the West

45. Street in Apricale

46. Ospedaletti

47. San Remo, Ancient and Modern

48. Part of the Old Town, San Remo

49. Olive Mill, Dolcedo

50. On the Shore, Diano Marina - Cervo in the Distance

51. Cervo

52. Laigueglia, near Alassio

53. On the Shore, Alassio

54. Santa Croce, near Alassio

55. View from Santa Croce, looking towards Albenga - Early Morning

56. Street in Villanuova, near Albenga

57. Bastion on the Shore, Ceriale

58. Entrance to Toirano

59. Finalmarina

60. Church of Perti, near Castello Gavone

61. Tower at Bergeggi

62. Genoa, from the Corso Magenta

63. A Corner in Genoa

64. Chiesa dell'Oregina, Genoa

65. The Promenade, Nervi

66. Rocks on the Shore, Nervi

67. Capo Lungo, Nervi

68. On the Shore, Sori

69. Rapallo

70. Old Tower, Rapallo

71. Church of S. Massimo, near Rapallo

72. The "Cavetto di S. Michele," near Rapallo

73. The "Castello Brown," Portofino

74. Zoagli

75. The Old Castle, Levanto

76. Vernazza

77. Old Bastion, Sarzana

78. [Map]

79. Back Cover

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Publisher: London, A. & C. Black




University of Toronto

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