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Upper Canada Sketches


Date: 1898



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Conant, Thomas. Upper Canada Sketches. Toronto : William Briggs. 1898.


Conant, Thomas (1898) Upper Canada Sketches. Toronto : William Briggs.


Conant, Thomas, Upper Canada Sketches. Toronto : William Briggs. 1898.


The colour illustrations are lithographic reproductions by Barclay, Clark & Co. Litho., Toronto after illustrations by E. S. Shrapnel

List of Images

1. Front Cover

2. Title Page

3. Mill in Devon, Eng. in 1897. Used and Owned by Roger Conant previous to sailing to America with the Pilgrims in 1623.

4. Thomas Conant

5. Mrs. Thomas Conant

6. Map of Upper Canada - 1898

7. Roger Conant's House, Salem, Mass., 1628. First Governor of Mass. Bay Colony

8. Reward for a Deserter, 1776, at West Point

9. Deed of Island in Boston Harbor

10. Roger Conant's First Settlement in Darlington, Co., Durham, Upper Canada, 1778

11. Logging Scene. Roger Conant in Darlington, Co., Durham, Upper Canada, 1778

12. Durham Boats ascending river St. Lawrence with goods for Indian fur trading.

13. David Annis - The Author's Uncle

14. Roger Conant trading with the Indians for furs

15. Maple Sugar Making

16. Indian Wigwams of Birch Bark

17. Potash Making. The Melting Scene

18. Hauling Cannon, War of 1812

19. Moode Farewells Tavern near Oshawa, 1812

20. Daniel Conants Lumber Mill

21. World to Come to an End - Stars Falling, 1833

22. Daniel Conant - The Author's Father

23. Mary Eliza Conant - The Author's Mother

24. Author's Father loading his schooners with lumber by rafting on Lake Ontario.

25. Canadian Rebellion 1837-8 - Refugees frozen in at Oswego, NY

26. Canadian Rebellion 1837-8 - Refugee crosses Lake Ontario in a canoe with the prow rotted away.

27. Assassination of Author's Grandfather - Canadian Rebellion 1837-8

28. Camp Meeting Scene

29. Sarah Terwilligar's attempt to fly to Heaven - The World to Come to and End

30. Mormon's attempt to raise the dead.

31. Awkward Squad - Fenian Raid, 1865

32. Back Cover

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