History Archive > Views in India, China, and on the Shores of the Red Sea (1835)

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Views in India, China, and on the Shores of the Red Sea


Date: 1835



Original bindings wanting. Rebound as 1 v. in maroon buckram with imprint of Miami University Libraries

List of Images

1. Front Cover

2. Illustrated Title Page

3. Title Page - Volume I

4. Hindoo and Mahomedan Buildings

5. Aurengzebes Mosque at Benares

6. Tomb of Shere Shah

7. Hindoo Temple, Benares

8. Shuhur Jeypore

9. Palace of the Seven Stories, Beejapore

10. Tiger Island

11. Futtypore Sicri

12. Chinese Pagodah between Canton and Whampoa

13. Jumma Musjid Agra

14. Ruins about the Taj Mahal, Agra

15. Macao, China

16. The Fortress of Dowlutabad

17. Excavated Temple of Kylas Caves of Ellora

18. Skeleton Group in the Rameswur Caves of Ellora

19. Thubare, A Small Harbour of the Arabian Coast, Upper Part of the Red Sea

20. The Water Palace, Mandoo

21. Cootub Minar, Delhi

22. El Wuish, Red Sea

23. Ruins, Old Delhi

24. Hurdwar, A Place of Hindoo Pilgrimage

25. Taj Bowlee, Bejapore

26. Bejapore

27. Sultan Mahomed Shahs Tomb, Bejapore

28. Grass Rope Bridge at Teree Gurwall

29. Interior of Dher Warra Caves of Ellora

30. Tomb of Ibrahim Padsha, Bejapore

31. Perawa Malwa

32. A Ruin on the Banks of the Jumna above the City of Delhi

33. Front View of the Bisma Kurm Caves of Ellora

34. Delhi

35. Tomb of Humaioon, Delhi

36. Cawnpore

37. Jumma Musjid, Mandoo

38. The British Residency at Hyderabad

39. Title Page - Volume II

40. Frontispiece Portrait

41. Sarnat, A Boodh Monument near Benares

42. Triad Figure, Interior of Elephanta

43. Mosque of Mustapha Khan, Beejapore

44. Kings Fort, Boorhanpore

45. The Pass of Makundra

46. Interior of the Bisma Kurm Caves of Ellora

47. Jahara Baug, Agra

48. Seven Storied Palace, Bejapore

49. Dus Awtar Caves of Ellora

50. View on a River near Canton

51. Taj Mahal, Agra

52. Mah Chung Keow, Canton

53. Aurungzebes Tomb, Rozah

54. An Old Fort at Muttra

55. Rameswur Caves of Ellora

56. Pulo Penang

57. Jerdair, A Hill Village Gurwall

58. Entrance to the Cave of Elephanta

59. Assar Mahal, Beejapore

60. Ruins, South Side of Old Delhi

61. Singham Mahal Torway, Bejapore

62. Benares

63. Front View of the Kylas Caves of Ellora

64. The Cave of Karli

65. Akbars Tomb, Secundra

66. A Chinese Junk, Canton River

67. Hindoo Temple at Chandngoan

68. Back Cover

Publication Information

Publisher: London : H. Fisher, R. Fisher & P. Jackson



Pages: 272


Wellcome Collection

ISBN-10: N/A

Date Added: 2019-05-08

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