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Narrative of a voyage, in His Majesty's late ship Alceste, to the Yellow sea, along the coast of Corea, and through its numerous hitherto undiscovered islands


Date: 1818



John McLeod was the Surgeon of the Alceste which carried Lord Amherst on his embassy to China. The ship was wrecked in the Strait of Gaspar all hands survived to be menaced by Malay pirates but eventually rescued by the East-Indiaman Ternate. A reviewer in the Edinburgh Review remarked;

"Mr. McLeod's animated and ennobling story of the loss of the Alceste and the deliverance of the crew...makes us proud of our country, and puts us in good humour with our species."

Soft ground etched portrait of Capt. Murray Maxwell as frontispiece and 5 coloured aquatint plates.

Second Edition first published the previous year.


Abbey 559; Lipperheide 1529; Huntress 188c. Bobins I 298.

Publication Information

Publisher: London, J. Murray



Pages: 350


California Digital Library


ISBN-10: N/A

Date Added: 2019-05-02

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