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Charles Stuart Cochrane

Charles Stuart Cochrane, Esq. [Commander.] was a sailor in the Royal Navy and an author of the book "Journal of a Residence and Travels in Colombia" (1825). He was born into a navy family and obtained the rank of lieutenant in Sept. 1816; and subsequently served on board the Andromache frigate, Icarus sloop, and Superb 78, the latter ship bearing the broad pendant of Sir Thomas M. Hardy, on the South American station.

On the 29th Aug. 1820, when returning from a short excursion on shore, in company with his brother officer and messmate, the Hon. Henry Finch, he was attacked by some armed Guachos[1], for the purpose of robbery, and after a sharp struggle, most severely wounded. His companion was left dead on the spot. He was appointed flag-lieutenant to the Hon. Sir Alexander I. Cochrane, commander-in-chief at Plymouth, Feb. 1st, 1821; and promoted to his present rank, Dec. 26th, 1822.

Not much else is known about him and if you have any more information about his birth, early years, and his later years and death along with information about the publication of his book please contact us.

[1] Paysanos of that country


John Marshall, Royal Naval Biography pg. 124.

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