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Clarence Edward Dutton

Birth: 1841


Clarence Edward Dutton (1841-1912) was an American geologist and US Army officer born in Wallingford, Conn., May 15, 1841. He was graduated at Yale in 1860 and took a postgraduate course, 1861-62. In 1862 he joined the 2 1st Connecticut volunteers, served as 1st lieutenant, adjutant and captain respectively, and saw service at Fredericksburg, Suffolk, Va.. Nashville and Petersburg.

He gained admission to the U.S. army as 2d lieutenant in the ordnance corps through a competitive examination, Jan. 29, 1864, receiving promotion to the rank of 1st lieutenant, March 7, 1867, captain, June, 1873, and major. May 1, 1890. While stationed at the Watervliet arsenal, Troy, N.Y., in 1865 he began the study of geology and technology of iron, which he continued for several years.

He was transferred to the Frankfort arsenal in 1870 and to the Washington arsenal in 1871. He served under Maj. John W. Powell, in his survey of the Rocky mountain region, 1875-77; was with the U.S. geological survey on the higher plateaux of Central Utah, and in 1877-80 in the Grand Canon district. He studied volcanic phenomena in the Hawaiian islands, 1882, and subsequently in the volcanic fields of northwestern North America.

He continued his investigations in New Mexico in 1884 and in the coast range in California, Oregon and Washington, 1885-88. He was on various other surveys until 1891 when he was assigned to the command of the San Antonio arsenal and appointed ordnance officer, of the department of Texas. In 1886 he prepared a monograph concerning the causes of the Charleston earthquake. He was elected a member of the National academy of science in 1884, and a member of various other learned bodies. Later he published "Volcanoes and Radioactivity" in Popular Science Monthly, 68 (June 1906).


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