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George Alexander Hoskins

Birth: 1802


George Alexander Hoskins (1802 - November 21, 1863 in Rome) was a British traveler, antiques collector and artist. He was an amateur artist who is remembered for the fine drawings and watercolors he made while traveling in Egypt and Ethiopia in 1832-33. George was the second son of George Hoskins and Mary Alison. In 1839 he married Mary Thornton.

In the 1830s, he traveled to Egypt, the Nubian and Ethiopia. In 1832 to 1833, he worked together with Robert Hay in Qurna (Luxor) and in the lower al-Charga. 1860 to 1861 traveled to Egypt. Most of his work, which he reports with Luchese Bandoni, is now in the Griffith Institute in Oxford.


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