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The D A'khil Gate

The D A'khil Gate


The ruined city of Gaur was surrounded on all sides by numerous darwazas or gates. Built in around 1466 by Sutan Barbek Shah, the Dakhil Darwaza or gateway was the principal entrance to the fort on the north side. The gateway is quadrangular in plan and is built of brick with terracotta relief panels of floral and lamp motifs decorating its surfaces.

It has a central arched corridor with a smaller passage to each side and polygonal bastions at each of its four corners. Gaur was the capital of the sultanate of Bengal following its move from nearby Pandua in the mid-fifteenth century. The now ruined city contained numerous congregational and local mosques, tombs, and the central fortified palace area to which the Dakhil Darwaza is one of the entrances.

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