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Our collection of available images includes woodcuts, paintings, lithographs, aquatints, chromolithographs and many more types of illustrations. As more images are added as part of books and other works they will become available here to viewed in their entirety. All of the images in our collections are generally in the public domain so feel free to use these images for projects as needed.

High-resolution files of certain images are available for subscribers and upon successful subscription a form will appear to let you request individual items. Prints are also available for purchase as well in various sizes. This service is not available right now but is coming soon.

View all of the available images in our collections below. Click the image to view the work an image is taken from or to get more information about an individual item. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions feel free to contact us here.

Image Name
The Melbourne Album - View on the Upper Mitta Mitta (1864)
Voyages and Travels to India, Ceylon, the Red Sea, Abyssinia, and Egypt Vol. 3 - Back Cover (1809)
Sketches of Russia - View of the Cazan's Church in St. Petersburg (1814)
A Description of the Sea Coasts in the East Indies - 31) Surrat City, Cambaya, Guzarat (1690)
Morocco, Painted and Described - A Guide, Tangier (1904)
The Holy Land : Syria, Idumea, Arabia, Egypt & Nubia Vols. 5 & 6 - Colossi at Wady Saboua (1855)
Voyage Pittoresque a Travers l'Isthme de Suez - Les bains de mer et la flottille sur le lac Timsah (Ismailia) (1870)
A Description of the Sea Coasts in the East Indies - 8) Mosambuique, S. Lorinso [II] (1690)
The Aboriginal Port Folio - Waa-bin-de-ba or the White Headed Eagle, a Chippeway Chief (1836)
Cosmographie Universelle - Premiere Projection (1555)
Vues des Cordilleres et Monumens de l'Amerique - Vue du Corazon (1813)
The Land of Midian (Revisited) Vol. 2 - Kufic Inscription from Marway (Carried to Cairo) (1879)
Promenades Pittoresques dans Constantinople Atlas - XVI. Vue de la côte d'Asie, depuis la montagne du Géant jusqu'au cap de Tchiboucli (1817)
Southern India, Painted and Described - A Canarese Woman grinding Millet (1914)
San Antonio, A Descriptive View Book in Colors - (1913)
Hungary, Painted and Described - (1909)
Voyages au Soudan Oriental et Dans l'Afrique Septentrionale - (1852)
Voyage Pittoresque dans le Bresil - Jogar Capoera ou danse de la guerre (1835)
Cosmorama : A View of the Costumes and Peculiarities of all Nations - Hanoverians (1827)
 - Honorourou, Capitale d'Ouahou, Vu du Mouillage (Iles Hawai) ()
The Theatre of the Empire of Great-Britain - Norfolk (1676)
Artistic Colored Views of Oxford - Queen's College and the High, Oxford (1900)
Belgium, Painted and Described - (1908)
Atlas National Illustre - Dept. Des De La Somme (1856)
Views in Egypt - An Egyptian Fair at Kafr Radoin (1801)
Views in Palestine - Subterranean Church of Bethlehem (1804)
Laird & Lee's World's War Glimpses - War Lord of Germany (1914)
Voyage Pittoresque et Historique au Bresil Vol. 3 - Cortege du Bapteme de la Princesse Royale Donna Maria da Gloria (1839)
Atlas sive Cosmographicae - Daniæ regni [I] (1595)
The Theatre of the Empire of Great-Britain - A New Description of Carolina (1676)
Picturesque Tour through the Oberland - Back Cover (1823)
Narrative, of a Five Years Expedition Vol. 2 - The Marine Oppossum of Terra-Firma (1796)
Brittany by Mortimer Menpes - (1912)
Coleccion General de Laminas de los Antiguos Monumentos de Nueva Espana - Segundo Viage - Lamina 19 (1820)
 - Waiting for Duck-Los Bailos ()
Civitates Orbis Terrarum Vol. 4 - Danorum Marca Uel Cimbricum 1585 (1588)
The Canadian Front in France and Flanders - In Billets (1920)
Germany, Painted and Described - Konigsee (1912)
Description of the Barossa Range and its Neighbourhood in South Australia - Salem Valley, from the Road to German Pass. Lindsay House in the distance. (1849)
The Arabian Horse - Greyleg (1894)
Life in Bombay - Title Page - Life in Bombay (!852) (1852)
From Damascus to Palmyra - Mt. Hermon from Damascus (1908)
County Seats of Great Britain and Ireland Vol. 5 - Glamis Castle (1880)
Atlas de Historia fisica y Politica de Chile Vol. 1 - Paseo de la Canada (Santiago) (1854)
St. Helena: A Description of the Island - Lanchanodes Prenanthiflora (1875)
Sicily, Painted and Described - Garden at Monte San Giuliano (1911)
Souvenir of San Francisco, California - (1914)
Mexico To-Day - Skull Ornament (1883)
Tiger-Shooting in India - Bringing Home the Jaat Man-Eater in Triumph (1857)
Sudsee-Erinnerungen - Tokosa's Wohnhaus (1883)
Flags of the Army of the United States - 11th Army Corps (I) (1887)
The Seat of War in the East Vol. 1 - Head of the Harbour, Sebastopol. (1855)
History of the Royal Residences Vol. 2 - Guard Chamber, Hampton Court (1819)
Grecian Remains in Italy - Ruins of the Town of Nympha (1812)
Porte-Feuille Geographique et Ethnographique [Atlas] - Mappe Monde (1820)
Le Costume Ancien et Moderne [Amerique] Vol. 1 - Carte geografique de L'Amerique (1820)
The Riviera Painted & Described - In the Nervia Valley - Castle of the Doria (1907)
Temple of Flora - The Persian Cyclamen (1812)
Antiquites Mexicaines - 2ème Expedition - Planche XXX (1844)
Kashmir, Painted and Described - Mount Haramokh, from the Erin Nullah (1911)
Austria-Hungary by G. E. Mitton - (1914)
Das Pittoreske Oesterreich - Das Viertel Unter Wienerwald in Lande Unter der Enns (1840)
The Savage South Seas, Painted and Described - The Rapids, Williams River, Island of Eromanga, New Hebrides (1907)
Wild Life on the Fjelds of Norway - Gjendin Soen (1861)
Travels in the Island of Iceland - Olafsvik (1811)
Norway, Painted and Described - A Hardanger Country Girl (1905)
Animate Creation Vol. 1 - Chimpanzee (1885)
County Seats of Great Britain and Ireland Vol. 1 - Book Display I (1880)
Le Costume Ancien et Moderne [Europe] Vol. 1, Pt. 1 - XXXIV. Combat pour le cadavre de Patrocle (1817)
The Country Seats of the United States - View from the Elysian Bower, Springland, Pennsylvania, the residence of Mr. W. Birch (1808)
A Visit to the Indian Archipelago, in H.M.S. Maeander - Volcanic Mountain, Comba Island (1853)
Picturesque Tour through the Oberland - View near Thun (1823)
Narrative of a Journey in the Interior of China - The Ascent Up Gonong Karang [I] (1818)
Travels in Ladak, Tartary, and Kashmir - Sketch of Kashmir Valley from Soleiman's seat to the Nishat Bach (1862)
Historical Sketch of Moscow - View of the Entrance to Moscow, from Volodemer (1813)
Taboas Geraes de Toda a Navegação - South Atlantic (1630)
The Armies of India, Painted and Described - 20th Duke of Cambridge's Own Infantry and 30th Punjabis (1911)
Sights and Scenes in Fair Japan - General Map of the Government Railways in Japan (1910)
Holland, by Nico Jungman - A Church Interior, Monnickendam (1904)
Le Costume Ancien et Moderne [Afrique] Vol. 2 - Boschismans en voyage etc (1819)
Pioneers in Australasia - Oceanic Negro Type from the Northernmost Solomon Islands (1912)
Views in India, China, and on the Shores of the Red Sea - Taj Bowlee, Bejapore (1835)
A Narrative of Travels in Northern Africa - Tuarick in a shirt of leather and Tuarick of Aghades (1821)
Civitates Orbis Terrarum Vol. 6 - Varadinvm (1617)
Cosmorama : A View of the Costumes and Peculiarities of all Nations - Egyptian Peasants (1827)
Forged Egyptian Antiquities - (1912)
Argentina, Past and Present - In the Cordoba Hills (1914)
Narrative of a Second Voyage in Search of a North-West Passage Vol. 2 - Arctic Fox (1835)
Memoir Descriptive of the Resources, Inhabitants, and Hydrography, of Sicily - Travelling in Sicily (1824)
Album del Ferro-Carril Mexicano - Orizaba (desde el puente de Paso del Toro) (1877)
The European in India - A Gentleman attended by his Hajaum, or Native Barber (1813)
The Alps, Painted and Described - The Trugberg (1904)
County Seats of Great Britain and Ireland Vol. 1 - Book Display III (1880)
Habitations Champetres Vol. 1 - Chalet de Chantemesle (1848)
Mountains and Lakes of Switzerland and Italy - Island of San Giulin (1871)
Views and descriptions of Cyclopian, or, Pelasgic remains - Ruins of an Ancient City near Mesaloggion in Aetolia [III] (1834)
Picturesque Views on the River Niger - The Terry Mountains (1840)
Voyage d'Exploration en Indo-Chine [Atlas-Vol. 2] - Monuments Khmers - Ruines du Mont Bakheng (1873)
Naples, Painted and Described - (1904)
Views and descriptions of Cyclopian, or, Pelasgic remains - Acropolis of Chaeroneia (1834)