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Our collection of available images includes woodcuts, paintings, lithographs, aquatints, chromolithographs and many more types of illustrations. As more images are added as part of books and other works they will become available here to viewed in their entirety. All of the images in our collections are generally in the public domain so feel free to use these images for projects as needed.

High-resolution files of certain images are available for subscribers and upon successful subscription a form will appear to let you request individual items. Prints are also available for purchase as well in various sizes. This service is not available right now but is coming soon.

View all of the available images in our collections below. Click the image to view the work an image is taken from or to get more information about an individual item. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions feel free to contact us here.

Image Name
Civitates Orbis Terrarum Vol. 4 - Flensbvrgvm et Itzohoa (1588)
Costumes Civils, Militaires et Religieux du Mexique - Maniere de porter des mendicans, pour exciter la pitie (1828)
Atlas Pintoresco e Historico De Los Estados Unidos Mexicanos - Carta Orografica (1885)
The History of the Abbey Church of St. Peter's Westminster Vol. 2 - Title Page (1812)
The Naval Front - The Atlantic Ferry : American Cruisers on Convoy Duty (1920)
The Oriental Album - Turkish Scribe (1862)
Itineraire Pittoresque du Fleuve Hudson Atlas - Falls in the Genesee Rivers (1828)
The Holy Land : Syria, Idumea, Arabia, Egypt & Nubia Vols. 1 & 2 - The Entrance to the Citadel of Jerusalem (1855)
Le Costume Ancien et Moderne [Asie] Vol. 1 - Ceremonies nuptiales (1815)
Cosmographie Universelle - Ocean indien et mer rouge (1555)
Die Serben an der Adria - Mann aus Doljane (1870)
Upper Canada Sketches - Roger Conant's First Settlement in Darlington, Co., Durham, Upper Canada, 1778 (1898)
Tyrol, Painted and Described - Back Cover (1908)
Le Costume Ancien et Moderne [Asie] Vol. 3 - Costume des Emirs (1817)
Our Italian Front - In the Aerodrome, Vicenza (1920)
Notes and Recollections of the Russian Traveler in Russia - View I (1848)
The Armies of India, Painted and Described - 22nd Punjabis (1911)
Album Pittoresque de la Fregate La Thetis et de la Corvette L'Esperance - Vue intérieure de l'Ile, prise dans les environs du Jardin des plantes de la ville de St. Denis (Ile Bourbon) (1828)
Narrative, of a Five Years Expedition Vol. 2 - The Mountain Cabbage & Maureecee Tree (1796)
Atlas de Historia fisica y Politica de Chile Vol. 1 - Provincia de Chloe (1854)
Naples, Painted and Described - (1904)
A Sketcher's Tour Round the World - Shanghae (1854)
The Fair Dominion - Chateau Frontenac and Dufferin Terrace. Night. Quebec (1911)
Madagascar and the Malagasy - The Fasanrainihiaro (1866)
A Sketch of Assam - Gowahatty (1847)
Elf Landschafts-Ansichten von Java - Kahwah-Patua (1853)
Birds of Britain - Land-Rail (1907)
A Gallery of Heroes and Heroines - James Wolfe of Quebec (1915)
Atlas National Illustre - Dept. De La Correze (1856)
Historical, Military, and Picturesque Observations on Portugal Vol. 1 - Plan of Badajoz (1818)
Voyages and Travels to India, Ceylon, the Red Sea, Abyssinia, and Egypt Vol. 3 - 1. A Small Obelisk, 2. Pedestals or Altars, 3. A Large Altar near the Square, 4. The Pedestal of a Fallen Obelisk, 5. A Detached Stone in the Church Yard (1809)
St. Helena: A Description of the Island - Commidendron Robustum (1875)
Recueil de Cent Estampes Representant Differentes Nations du Levant - Suif (1714)
Ten Coloured Views Taken During the Arctic Expedition - Noon in Mid-Winter (1850)
Geographie Vivante, ou, Tableaux Raisonnes - Le Plongeon, le Chamois, l'Ours (1821)
Dutch Bulbs and Gardens, Painted and Described - A Bulb Farm near Overveen (1909)
A Gallery of Heroes and Heroines - General Gordon (1915)
Travels in South America Vol. 2 - Title Page (1825)
The Banks of the Nile - Fishing-Boats on the Nile (1913)
Le Costume Ancien et Moderne [Amerique] Vol. 2 - Title Page (1821)
Picturesque Scottish Scenery - Ben Nevis from Bannavie (1875)
Voyage Pittoresque dans les Grands Deserts du Nouveau Monde - Monts Witchita (1862)
Le Costume Ancien et Moderne [Asie] Vol. 1 - Anciennes armes de Chinois (1815)
Civitates Orbis Terrarum Vol. 2 - Wissenbvrgvm Rvbreacvm Colmaria Badense Oppidvm Vulgo Oben Baden (1575)
Album des classischen Alterthums - Bogen des Severus in Rom (1870)
Plans and Views of Ornamental Domestic Buildings - Chamber Plan of Weddington Hall (1836)
Russia: Being a Complete Picture of that Empire - A Peasant (1817)
Album of Virginia - View of Weyers Cave - Shell Room (1858)
American Scenery Vol. I - Black Mountain (Lake George) (1840)
Atlas de Historia fisica y Politica de Chile Vol. 1 - Natural History Plate (1854)
History of the Recent Discoveries at Cyrene - Wady Lebaiath between Cyrene and Apollonia (1864)
Le Costume Ancien et Moderne [Europe] Vol. 5 - LXIV. Deux particuliers, une dame en habit de bal etc. (1825)
Voyage a Athenes et a Constantinopole - Un Prince Armenien et sa femme (1825)
Journal of the Proceedings of the Late Embassy to China - Map of the Route of the British Embassy (1817)
Views of Ancient Monuments in Central America - General View of Kabah (1844)
Reminiscences of the South Seas - From Our Hut at Vao-Vai, Samoa (1912)
A Description of the Sea Coasts in the East Indies - 66) China (1690)
Two Months in the Highlands, Orcadia, and Skye - Title Page (1860)
Habitations Champetres Vol. 2 - Villa du Prado (1848)
Antiquites Mexicaines - 3ème Expedition - Planche XLI (1844)
The Campaign in the Crimea [Series II] - Back Cover (1856)
South America, Painted and Described - A Colombian Indian Mother and Child (1912)
Voyage Pittoresque a Travers l'Isthme de Suez - Suez, vue prise du canal maritime (1870)
Views of the Gold Regions of Australia - Summer-Hill Creek, below Lewis' Ponds. Gold Washing (1851)
Venice, by Mortimer Menpes - Humble Quarters (1904)
Views in Philadelphia and its
vicinity - Sedgeley Park (1827)
Porte-Feuille Geographique et Ethnographique [Atlas] - [Angle of the Sun Diagram] (1820)
The Present State of Peru - Llamas or Peruvian Sheep (1805)
Palestine, Past and Present. Pictorial and Descriptive - Illustrated Title Page (1890)
Canada, Painted and Described - The Citadel, Quebec (1907)
St. Helena: A Description of the Island - Nesiota Elliptica (1875)
Australia Vol. 1 - A Chinese Garden in Victoria (1873)
Gardens of the Great Mughals - XII. The River Terrace of the Taj* (1913)
The Doldenhorn and Weisse Frau - Illustrated Title Page (1863)
Argentina, Past and Present - (1914)
Visit to Alexandria, Damascus, and Jerusalem - Title Page - Volume 1 (1835)
Das Pittoreske Oesterreich - Front Cover - Part 2 (1840)
Antiquities of Mexico Vol. 3 - Back Cover (1831)
Recueil de Cent Estampes Representant Differentes Nations du Levant - Fille de Bulgarie (1714)
Mountains and Molehills - The Bar of a Gambling Saloon (1855)
The Banks of the Nile - The Colonnade, Temple of Luxor (1913)
Album des classischen Alterthums - Grieche (1870)
Voyage Pittoresque et Historique au Bresil Vol. 3 - Quete pour l'entretien de l'église du Rosario (1839)
Washington, the City Beautiful - White House (1918)
Description du Sacre et du Couronnement de Leurs Majestes Imperiales - Leurs Majestes a l'entree de la Cathedrale de l'Assomption (1883)
Kulu: It's Beauties, Antiquities and Silver Mines - The Devil God is Taken Out with Trumpets and Shawms (1873)
The New Zealanders Illustrated - A Feast at Mata-Ta, on the East Coast, Mt. Edgecumbe in the Distance (1847)
Birds of Britain - Woodcock (1907)
South America, Painted and Described - A Bullock Team Hauling Timber in the Chaco, Argentina (1912)
Voyages and Travels to India, Ceylon, the Red Sea, Abyssinia, and Egypt Vol. 2 - View from the Factory at Mocha (1809)
Antiquites Mexicaines - 2ème Expedition - Planche L (1844)
Voyage Pittoresque dans le Bresil - Division 4, Part 3 Wrapper (1835)
Mitchell's New General Atlas - Map of the World on the Mercator Projection (1861)
Views in Egypt - Ferry Boat near Nedssili (1801)
Nombres Geograficos de Mexico [Atlas] - Plate XXXV (1885)
The Mastodon Giganteus of North America - Mastodon giganteus - Plate XXVI (1852)
The Theatre of the Empire of Great-Britain - Huntington (1676)
Viaje Pintoresco y Arqueolojico de la Republica Mejicana - Piramide de Cholula (1840)
Le Costume Ancien et Moderne [Europe] Vol. 4 - LXIV. Cote de la cathedrale de Cologne, dont la construction a ete commencee au XII<sup>e</sup>. siecle (1824)
Hungary, Painted and Described - (1909)